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  1. They only sold 9k Vettes LY in comparison to 37K the year before. Builds were down but that is still a huge drop and I anticipate cheap C7’s while you wait for C8 to come down in prices and get the kinks out
  2. Been in this world a long time as a hobby and helped multiple friends through a worse. Your best bet is to keep calling BOA reps and ask for a one time courtesy removal of the late charge. Use the system issue as a reason for it and just continue until you get a rep or manager who does it for you. Much better than disputing IMO because you’ll have better luck and if they win the dispute it will show on your credit report as disputed but still lower your score
  3. Saw this deal and thought Of this thread today and know nothing about hesdphones but figured it might be worth sharing https://slickdeals.net/f/11250715-beyerdyna...9-free-shipping
  4. They likely are fake reviews as well. I'd add that for Amazon to look into...
  5. I'm seeing the 200 MA between 7000-8000 so I think that's what we'll be testing soon
  6. What about the fact that it is incredibly difficult to buy ripple? Where does the value go if it's added to an exchange where it's easy? It should rise considerably even if only short term.
  7. Which exchange is $2.85? I show $2.35 Also, Roman I owe you a few drinks when you're in Chicago!
  8. Roman I'm curious if you're referring to market cap or coin price for Ripple when you say that it could go higher than any of them....
  9. Same here. Been following Romans posts for years and he's always spot on.
  10. Can you help us understand what exactly it is that your company does to "guarantee that a file removed is gone 100% for the lifetime of your file" above what the credit bureau promises anyways? When you dispute something on any credit report and the reporter doesn't respond or the bureau sides with you, it can never get added back to your file anyways and if a creditor tries under a different name/company you can dispute it by showing it was removed in the past and just relabeled. I've done this a few times for myself in my younger years and for family/friends with credit trouble and alw
  11. Depends on the rooms and materials being used/updated
  12. Javier's is great. There's also a sushi place in the strip mall called blue fin which is phenomenal and Across the street from both is shake snack to catch the sunset and some restaurants down below at the beach.
  13. My sarcasm didn't show as much as I intended. I agree with your points and have seen new cars rolled back. My initial point to the post that new cars are safer was that they're no safer. Personally, if the car has been tampered with its not worth buying period. You just have no idea what else they messed with and why....
  14. You think new cars are any better?
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