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  1. I loved that car when Baky had it, IIRC I thought he was asking 190s way back then. Maybe it has appreciated since. Either way, it's a homerun!!!!
  2. Just glad no one was injured.....I'm guessing anyway.
  3. Justice system = We all have work every day so our taxes can keep up worthless pieces of shit that should be executed for most of the fcuked up stuff they do, but HELL no...We want to "protect their rights" and keep the cocksuckers comfortable for decades. What a fcukin joke.
  4. That was one time I was thankful that my wife didn't qualify for Boston. Yesterday was tough, prayers out to everyone who was affected by what happened...
  5. CONGRATS! and welcome to the BEST Lamborghini forum on the net! Enjoy your new ride in good health and stay safe!
  6. That motherfcuker should be shot for doing that! Make an example for once..... Think about what that does to each of the victims families. What a piece of shit.
  7. IDK man, not really sure why it would matter or who cares about it.
  8. Wheels look great! Very nice choice, and your 50th is
  9. Congrats on the new Lambo! Sounds like either way you will have an amazing car! Enjoy it in good health and stay safe!
  10. I really like that philosophy.
  11. Congrats! Love the color! Enjoy it in good health!
  12. Mother of God! That white car is it! (my 1,000th post)
  13. Just paint his house orange and put a Lambo symbol on it!
  14. I say if you like the car, have the $$$, then why not buy it? If you are genuinely in the market for a car of that caliber, you aren't worried about the value dropping....and if you do buy it, GOOD LORD DRIVE IT!!!!!!! How could you own something like that (coupe or roadster) and not drive it?
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