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  1. Chad I never thought in a million years I would be interested in doing any of the things you mentioned......but I honestly cannot wait, and I am looking so forward to it! Thank you Jason
  2. Mike That's where my wife and I were. We've been fortunate enough to be able to accomplish and do so many things, been blessed in so many ways. We had talked about having children the last couple years and now the time just felt right. Kinda hard to explain it really. Thank you for the kind words. Jason
  3. No worries. I did ask for anything anyone wanted to share......Besides, there's nothing anyone can say that's gonna take the smile off my face! No back and forth....let's get this back on track please. I really appreciate all the positive feedback I'm getting from you Dad's! Keep them coming!
  4. These are the things I am wanting to hear. Thank you so much for all the replies so quickly! Porter's idea with the email is brilliant (thank you for that, I will be using it). Please continue, especially you guys that got a late start on this like myself.
  5. My wife and I are expecting our first child the last week of October. We found out last Friday we are having a Boy!!!! I had said I didn't care up until that point what we had as long as they were healthy, but after hearing I will have a son I am truly beyond words. Not to bore anyone with a long story, but I didn't have a Dad growing up. Mine left my mom and I when I was 5, and sadly have only started having contact with him the last couple years. I only tell you that to say I have concerns that I won't be a good Dad, I don't really have anything to go by. I didn't have anyone around to show or teach me how to do anything really other than my mother, but she always worked a couple jobs while I was growing up to make sure we were okay. Keeping this short... I am just asking for any advice, help, knowledge or anything else you want to share that might help me ease my mind a little. Also, I am 40 years old, so any of you who have had a child later in life, PLEASE share your experiences. Thanks!
  6. No useful input on the clear bra..... but Congrats on the purchase! That is one bad ass track car you are gonna have!
  7. Amazing! Thanks for sharing. That car is timeless. Hard to believe it's over 10 years old. Love it!
  8. It all looks great! Congrats
  9. I believe you already got the answer you were searching for, just wanted to say your car looks absolutely fantastic!
  10. Congrats on the find! Love the red interior!
  11. Sweet Jesus that thing is Perfect :notworthy:
  12. Welcome to the board, and congrats on the purchase!
  13. Post pics of your car, work in progress, anything you can.
  14. List them here and offer to your fellow LP brothers first
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