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  1. If the Hillary blunder was the REAL reason, it would have happened already.
  2. So I saw this car for sale late last year with a salvage title, and then for sale again now with a lemon title. Does anyone know the real story?? I'm curious.
  3. I gave up on this franchise when the tank was driving down the highway and one of the characters (dom?) jumped his car across a bridge to intercept a hurtling friend. I like action, but not when it's ridiculously unrealistic. Another vote for Sicario.
  4. Crazy! But I doubt those antics will evade harsher scrutiny.
  5. fcuking Pelosi, man. THAT was the moment I gave up on politics.
  6. Age is a factor for your premiums too. And obviously location. Not sure about SoCal, but on Jan 1 BCBS in AZ just cancelled anyone who was on an ACA plan. You simply can't buy a plan anymore, at any cost. Shitty situation out here for self employed people who don't have an original/grandfathered plan. No doubt. Predictable clusterfuck when you require extension of coverage to young adults and people who didn't want insurance until after they got sick.
  7. Yup, just playin. Figured you know the backstory tho!
  8. Hilarious! but yeah, which one was Fortis?
  9. Cool, parts look fancy! Looking forward to seeing it come together. Trying to talk myself out of adopting my Dad's 280Z that he doesn't drive much anymore, but this thread isn't helping!
  10. Cool, thanks. Yeah that seems like the slick way to do it - a nesting setup so it all packs up tight.
  11. Thanks for the info. I typically do the freeze dried stuff too, and just pour the hot water into the food bag. You mush bring along a metal cup or something to boil the water? That sure would be a lighter way to do things than the JetBoil. Hmmm...
  12. No doubt, what a cool place.
  13. I'm going in a few weeks and just booked through travelocity, with alamo. Was pretty simple, but I only rent barebones shitboxes when I travel.
  14. Nice post! Beautiful looking country. What burner do you use? I bought a jetboil a while back but still find it kinda bulky. Koko Head is super fun. Did that one a few weeks ago. You gotta sneak over to stairway to heaven!
  15. Nice place! Looking forward to the pics. I am slowly wrapping up my own remodel. It can be a fun project if it doesn't get away from you.
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