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  1. Hey LP'ers. It's been awhile! I'm back and happy to announce a few major ventures in my life. Since I've been gone I got (some) of my shit together, got my real estate broker's license, and am working for Berkshire Hathaway here on the northside of Indy. It's a wild business. I also recently launched a side project I've been hard at work on the past few months - Lemur Ink. I loved writing with fountain pens, saw a gap in the market where I think I could make a few changes, and started this fountain pen store on a total whim! It's been incredibly rewarding so far, with orders already placed and my time now consumed trying to figure out how to grow without growing too fast. I'd love to hear your guys (and gals) feedback on the site, even if you aren't a fountain pen junkie like myself. Hopefully the the next major announcement has 12 cylinders...
  2. Congrats! Glad you enjoyed it here in Indianapolis - that track truly is one of a kind. I highly recommend to all to try and make it to next year's 500 mile race, for the 100th running - it will be incredible. Also, the SVRA Vintage Race held in June (second year was this year) is a great event that is very open to the public (garages, etc) and is great bang for your buck if you have any sort of "vintage" race car (modern up to current era is even accepted in certain classes). They have sessions of oval racing as well as plenty on the GP course. I need to upload my photos to Flickr from the past two years, but it's getting better each year and I look forward to it almost more than the 500 itself.
  3. I just got an email from Vice and saw your photo on there, gf and I had a good laugh. She's taking the LSAT in a few weeks and she mentioned doing a job shadow with you and I told her "Ya, you'd be great next to conc in his new Aventador SV!"
  4. Putin would be at the top of the leader board, every time...
  5. Reviving this thread like it's Nikki Sixx (without the snorting) I'm a crossroads in my personal life and going to go out on a limb and share this all with LP because fcuk it, life is too short. As some of you may know I've been struggling to get my business started and get in shape for several years. I graduated college, have been through several family crises, had my fair share of relationship woes, and generally have felt like I've been trying to lift off the ground/break through the wall so to speak many times over. As a kid I was diagnosed with ADD and given Ritalin/Adderall as well as Zoloft. I was fighting losing several close family members as well as just generally not giving a fcuk in school. I always tested high in everything but math, considered myself a smart kid, but just felt school was a waste of time. On Ritalin/Zoloft I always felt like a machine - I was doing well in school but crashed a lot feeling depressed as well as just "not myself." I think I was too fcuking young to be on the shit plus overweight/not exercising. Now at 27, I feel like the years have flown by and I don't know where they went (or what I did). I keep going back to "It's been X number of years since I wanted to get my business started and X number of years (too fcuking many) since I've wanted to get in shape." Those two things permeate anything else I've been through and dominate my thoughts. I have had some great times and some real bursts of inspiration or motivation, followed by just a lull that just couldn't be shaken. I have a ton of ideas, feel the desire to get out and do shit, but then just lack the clarity or drive some days. Recently, I lost several pounds and am back on track to losing weight and eating healthy (thanks in part to some help on here as well as kettlebells). I have always felt my best though when I was either at my healthiest (for that time) or when I was well-rested, nourished, and had just worked out. Sorry for the mini life story, but I know there are a lot of no BS, successful people on here who surely have either been through this or can spot my troubles from a mile away and figure out what the fcuk is going on. I'm in the process of self-diagnosing as ADD/ADHD and also in the process of finding a doctor to either prescribe some meds or work though my issues. Edit to add link: I found this in a rampage Google search to self-diagnose and was truly frightened how I checked every single one of these. Check it out: http://www.simplywellbeing.com/20-questions-are-you-add-adhd
  6. I wish I had the balls and knowledge to do an engine out service like that - very cool! I would have some seriously badass cars if I could wrench like that!
  7. I think the Mac 675LT looks better.... Anything looks better. There's better design elements in a Panamera.
  8. Really badass vintage Countach poster. Measures 24x36. $50 shipped to anywhere in the CONUS. Overall excellent condition, just a little wear as seen in photos.
  9. My biggest concern was consuming more protein at one time than my body can process (50g in a shake post workout).
  10. Recently started a kettlebell workout (taking my time on getting form down). So far it's a great way to workout at home. Using Pavel Tsatsouline's instructional video. Question for you guys, though (since too many meatheads on other forums/sites): How much protein can I take during the day? I usually have a protein shake after working out (2 scoops of ON Whey in a shaker with skim milk) but have read that I really need at least 1g per pound of body weight. Besides eating chicken and trying to eat better, how can I absorb that much protein effectively if the Internet is saying my body can only absorb 8-10g of protein an hour?
  11. Glad we agree on this. It's an antiquated design. It feels good in your hand - but so does a SIG.
  12. Ford is on their A-game at the moment. Chevy seems plagued with issues and Dodge has historically provided shit products (nothing but issues on older models - do you trust them yet?)
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