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  1. I dont keep track of any except Speed Society. But SS is always giving away something. I wondered how it makes sense too.
  2. I've heard that before. I think it was on a more recent podcast of The Smoking Tire. I cant remember who said it or where in the podcast it was said. But the guy who said it is a C5 owner. It make's perfect sense. You can get a C5 Z06 for 30k or you can get a C6 Z06, which is a way better car for 35-40k.
  3. I think the C6 is a great looking car. I like the C5s too, but they are stupid expensive for a 20 year old car.
  4. People are asking stupid money for them right now. Is anyone getting 125k for one? More than 100 for the base model Corvette seems stupid to me. You are starting to compare it to so many other cars at that price point.
  5. BLK85

    Huracan Evo

    Nice looking car!
  6. Workers at the Smith-field plant that made the national news are returning Monday. Look for the States numbers to spike again. And I wonder who all they will infect.
  7. Oh god. I hope the peak isnt mid Summer. I doubt the place I work for will be able to last that long, at least in its current form. Hope I am a member of the new form. Im starting week 3 at home. So far still working at an ok rate. On a positive note my mortgage payment will be going down, because it appears I was lucky and got the lowest possible rate locked in for my number of years. And I'm not taking cash out, maybe I should.
  8. I spoke to my doctor last Friday(yearly Physical). He wasnt super concerned so I didnt think TP would be horded and am now concerned. Started a refinance last week. Hope Im still locked in, went up half a point this week. And it no longer makes sense. I never work from home and Im now at home next week.
  9. Looks hot in Camo! Cant wait to see it unveiled!
  10. Got my Tool tickets, 2 days before my birthday! Call it a present to myself! Never seen them before. Read on Blabbermouth that they do a 2.5 hour set! Holy Shit!
  11. How does anyone plan to charge all these electric cars? Nuclear plants and coal plants are closing. Seems the world powers want to go green, but green forms cant power it all. Even some tree huggers are saying we need Nuclear if we have any hopes of powering everything. And another thing, electricity is relatively cheap now, but wait until there is millions of electric cars out there. I just dont see how electric cars is the solution to the worlds pollution. Sorry to get off topic.
  12. That was my guess, then I saw more pictures on his Facebook. Changing to a white Jalpa.
  13. Can companies actually get away with this? Or are they just using it a strong arm tactic against a company with less money for Lawyers?
  14. They are coming to my city too. I will probably get tickets too.
  15. Well when you were 16 you were trying to get with 16 year old girls too. At least she asked. Then I would tell them what other things to be careful for. But Im sure when/if that day comes for me it wont be easy to handle at first. Lot of that happening now days.
  16. Thats pretty cool. I like it.
  17. Ahh.... Wondered what happened there.
  18. You have been around long enough to know him. He got the Veneno. LamborghiniKS on instagram. I cant remember his name here.
  19. X Celebrity wont be down for breakfast.
  20. Seeing the mainstream media pick up the story and reading some of the comments is pretty funny. Saying they are risking people's lives, which they are. But the car is prepped better than most cars on the road I am sure. And they want to go home to their family's too. Everyone here has probably sped at pretty high numbers. Its all a risk.
  21. Lots of big guys have Aventadors. Give it a shot! There may be sacrifices though. TheSmokintTire(Matt) has a Countach and is big, but has to take off his shoes to drive it.
  22. I agree with Destructo that it sounds like a problem getting fuel. Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, fuses(long shot but maybe get lucky). I wouldnt be concerned about the dash not working. Maybe it takes a while to get everything up and going. Fix the first issue then tackle the next.
  23. Roy is entertaining too. But differently. Thanks for the Video Ed! Ill check it out, love your channel! Ironically I wore the Montana Tax Shelter shirt 40 miles out of my damn way(I live in a different county by 1 blocks, but I knew that when I bought the house) to pay tax on a cheap car I bought.
  24. He didnt really say anything about the run. Except that they took the northern route.
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