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Everything posted by BLK85

  1. http://www.weatherby.com/orion-sporting.html Found a new gun I want. Friend was in Scheels looking at guns. I told him my opinion and then looked at guns for me. I came across this one. Seems like a great sporting clay gun, which is my main shooting. Has a lot of the feature my dad's 3500 gun has. It was close to a impulse buy. But I held off. Its still tempting.
  2. There was talk about the Corvette having to move up in whatever series they race. Makes sense.
  3. Pretty sweet! Anyone want to see what us poor people live in? Just kidding Im not showing my house.
  4. BLK85

    LS1-Swapped Jalpa

    I wouldnt do it. But I have thought a 348, 355, or 360 with a blown motor would be a perfect candidate for an LS swap.
  5. GM names are precious. Dodge has the Charger and Dart. Both are terrible from a point of comparing them to the original.
  6. But keep Bugatti? Doubtful, but who knows.
  7. Of the cars on your list 1. LP640 2. Aventador SV 3. Diabo, SV then 6.0 4. Huracan 5. Gallardo 6. Aventador
  8. I know nothing about these cars but this thing looks pretty cool. https://www.carsforsale.com/vehicle/details/53583880
  9. Allan needs to start drama with someone every month or so.
  10. Shouldnt we be getting close to a new V12 model by '22? But hybrid or turbo is probably going to have to happen. So I guess whatever there, time will tell how that is.
  11. Yea I agree the process is dumb. But we all know it going in.
  12. Just got the call I was waiting for. Finally! I should have my can by the weekend.
  13. BLK85

    V10 swap into.....

    Thats the one.
  14. Well Ozzy is post poned until 2020, hope he lives that long. Still might do Iron Maiden, not sure. Maybe Ghost too!
  15. I feel like a drug dealer every time I watch a video of a French/American press video. No recommendations though. I'll take a look!
  16. BLK85

    V10 swap into.....

    Any swap is a lot of work. Even the so called "easy" LS swap in anything isnt easy. But swapping a 40k+ engine into a 2k car seems dumb. But still cool! After I posted this I cam across a picture of a Ferrari twin tubo V8(assume a 488 engine) swapped into like a 70ish Mustang.
  17. BLK85

    V10 swap into.....

    a 1975 Volvo wagon. https://www.thedrive.com/news/27372/real-life-superhero-is-stuffing-a-lamborghini-v-10-from-gt2-race-car-into-1975-volvo-wagon?fbclid=IwAR1ox3veb5sc9H_uaHgWFbLOZfRbe-QVKQuDEEGzEKb30T8tFpJh0V6xU0Y
  18. This is why I generally dont believe any conspiracy theories. The amount of people in on a so called cover up and no one talks. Highly doubtful. But I guess the Government does keep new military tech quite for a lot of years. So I guess maybe possible.
  19. Thanks! I'll add it to my list. Looked at their site, sounds good.
  20. Im thinking I'm going to try BRCC's sampler thing. $48 for 4 different kinds. Figure out what I like. I guess Im too much of a coffee snob to go the Nespresso route. Maybe its different than Kuerig, just doesnt seem right. And my time isnt really that tight. I have a 2 cup coffee maker and a hand grinder for up to 2 cups of coffee. Forgive me. We have a coffee shop at my work and we all get 1 coffee a day. For that one I get a hot Mocha, since I have no control over the coffee. But at home always black.
  21. I like coffee, like everyone does I'm sure. I like to get whole beans and grind it right before I make it or maybe the night before. I normally buy from locally owned coffee shops. But seems like they are always rotating what they sell. I would like to try the online route and hopefully this way if I find something I really like it will be in stock for a longer time. Does anyone have anyplace online they like to buy coffee beans from? Either one company or a place with many brands? I am currently looking at Black Riffle Coffee since I always see ads for them since I follow the same type of shit I assume. Any tips are appreciated.
  22. I did plan to give if it got closer to the goal. I am not broke, but Im not super comfortable either. If you can drum up some more support and it looks like we will make it, I'll help out.
  23. BLK85

    Roy's Diablo SVR

    Sold or put back in his private inventory? He's had that forever and goes from For Sale to Private inventory a few times.
  24. 174 in the 1/4 and they arent even trying to go fast there. Pretty crazy!
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