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  1. You should do another video documenting this new experience with the dealer. Then post it here. We will love it.
  2. Saw the J on your IG and it is absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy.
  3. He does have a great tone that you can empathise with rather than bleary overbearing dullards that seem to do well. His filmmaking is definitely on a different more considered production level.
  4. capt_chaos


    I mean what was said when the LM002 was produced? It does add more bandwidth to sporty off road activity. There was talk of a urus racing series and now there is another element to add in. That on a Rally cross circuit would be bags of fun. Another way I see sense in this. We have sporty suv which are traditionally off road vehicles. A sporty off road vehicle is not really sporty so you are starting from a compromised product. This is doing the opposite
  5. capt_chaos


  6. https://youtu.be/G0jMP0ZFkTo We have never had it so good. The speed at which he goes through the swimming pool area towards the end, it is not steering, it is precise sliding
  7. Interesting project and look forward to see what they get from that V8
  8. I expected better from you
  9. It is how they are going to go on a diet. Every car under the Audi wing are a little chunky
  10. At the weekend there was the Australian F1 Grand Prix. Lambo CEO Stefano was a pundit for a UK based channel - and he offered very good insight. But lambo provided some VIPs with cars. Then tweeted about it. When a former Ferrari team boss lends another former Ferrari team boss a lambo
  11. From what I have seen from Geneva pics Aston owned the show. The two mid engine cars, one a concept and one a baby Valkyrie are incredible game changers. Imagine working at Woking and Maranello. Then you see what Aston put on a stand. Doesn't Aston know these people have families? How can they can go home and look them in the eye?
  12. Storm trooper seats are nice looking - probably would destroy chances of moving again. But brown. Cmon man
  13. The other look was a makeshift do over. We knew it was not perfect but this one is much more scalable for long term
  14. True and true. It is amazing. The new site update is pretty good as well.
  15. There will more than likely be a concept car. Fact of the matter is that it is impossible for brands to release a new commercial prospect into the market place every year.
  16. Option of matt black or body colour.
  17. I meant a completely new model. Iterations they may well do.
  18. The video was too long. Halfway through it, I got hungry so I left it playing and went to the kitchen to fix my self a sandwich. But then I found out that I'm out of mayonnaise so I went to a grovery store. There, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. But I'm a shy person so I took up a three-year personality development course so I can introduce my self. She was very friendly and all, but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. So I said, all good, I'm a mature person. I want the best for her and I harbor no illusion that I am the best person for her and she seems happy with her boyfriend, so I did not bother her anymore. But we kept in touch and we became friends and I got over my crush on her. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some alcohol because of it, I told her she'll be fine and I wished her well. I still think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but like I said, I am over my crush on her. It was like five years already when I first saw her. Besides, I am quite happy with the friendship I developed with her. It was more important than a crush. So we kept hanging out, drinking, having coffee, and all. I had a girlfriend, she started dating other guys. My girlfriend wants to live some other life without me in it, so I said, okay, I want the best for you and I want you to pursue your happiness. My lady friend and I drank alcohol about it, and she gave me the same advice I gave her when she was in that position and I became okay with the breakup immediately. But we were really drunk, so she spent the night in my pad. I only have one bed, so you know what that means: She took the bed and I slept on the couch. But on the couch, I really can't sleep. Something was bothering me. So I tossed and turned for about three hours, then I finally can't take it anymore, I stood up and went straight to my room where she's sleeping. I approached the bed, gently sat on it and I reached for her shoulder to pull her closer to me. She stirred and woke up. She asked what's up. I told her, you know, the first time I saw you, I was watching a video and left it playing to get my self a sandwich then went to the shop to get some mayo then I got distracted by life that I forgot to finish the video. She said, you know what, I've been wondering about a weird noise in your night drawer. So we opened that drawer, and lo and behold, there's my phone and this video still has two minutes of play time on it.
  19. There will be never be a new version reveal at a USA show. VW brand pump too much into Geneva. Also not sure if anything radical will be launched this year from Lambo. We might see new GT3 though
  20. The new phantom has been on his drive a number of times and looks a lot bigger. This looked slightly smaller. He has had a purple dawn with black badge wheels on his drive, the Cullinan etc. so it is an engineer of sorts from Rolls.
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