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  1. lamborga

    Air Conditioning Help

    I had to replace the Regulator on mine Pn 0045006742, if you remove the panel to access the brake reservoir you'll see attached to heather box, its hold by 2 screws but its very tight, making little hard to remove.
  2. lamborga

    02 Murci

    It's on top of Koni Ecu, behind radio, next to air bag ecu, if you pull side panel on passenger side you'll see. Its the only black module there, green one is for the windows.Now to get to immobilizer its harder since they are attached to fuel filters on engine bay.
  3. lamborga

    What's this for?

    That's the spare one in case you loose the plastic one.
  4. lamborga

    Remove bat wings LP640 help.

    it's hold by 2 hinges, you'll have to remove engine covering panels, than you'll see one hinge close to each end and the motor is connected by an allen screw and bushings, be careful when removing to don't loose those bushings, the hinges have 2 10mm bolts each, you'll easily see after removing CF engine panels
  5. lamborga

    Another Murci SV destroyed

    This car just got listed at Copart, buy now at 140K.....
  6. lamborga

    Diablo Won't Start

    Check the switch on cabin , mine did same thing and small pin on knob got loose so I used spare one from tool kit.
  7. lamborga

    Engine almost stalls when giving it gas

    did run fine after you put back the engine? if not there's a RPM sensor connector by the tranny/clutch area, I had same issues on My 95 and thats was the problem, after a clutch job I forgot to reconnect.
  8. lamborga

    Custom wheels

    Auto-couture wheels.
  9. lamborga

    Rear exhaust deck lid question

    98 was last year, pretty sure all 99 does not have like that, on my 99 roadster is located on rear grill.
  10. lamborga

    Does Lamborghini Hermera wheels fit a Diablo?

    No, just Diablo/Murcielago, to fit Aventador wheels on them you'll need an adaptor.
  11. lamborga

    91 diablo

    Take a look at, there's great info about Diablo repairs, I had a 94 and yes on My 94 the exhaust exit on the opposite side (my car had 4 cats, primary and secondary and secondaries ones goes on a X, not sure about 91).
  12. lamborga

    Window Not Auto-Dipping

    Nope, roadster/spider only.
  13. lamborga

    Gallardo Spyder's roll bars deployed...

    Murcielago Roadster have them too
  14. lamborga

    My 6.0 burned today

    yes sounds like electrical problem, 30 min is enough to cool off after a short drive, I've seen the primary cats glowing on mine after a spirited drive, pretty scary actually, looks like it will burn any second, but cools off quickly, sorry for your loss.
  15. lamborga

    Where did all the SV's go.

    Are you selling the Diablo Roadster? I think i saw listed on auto trade.