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  1. Very nice and welcome back! Nothing better than those cars that put a grin on your face every-time you get in it.
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    Not digging it, but would need to see it in different colors.
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    My day yesterday with Roy

    That's awesome how you can see the road through a window build into the doors .I had no idea ! I would definitely order that option on a car
  4. MrDoctor

    Final touch on my Testarossa

    +1 But, whatever makes you happy! Unless this was the actual car used for the show, then I would say yes.
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    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    Ok, who has the good escort connections?! I'm there in March and I want to have a good time PM me
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    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    Any LV restaurant recommendations? Where does everyone like to eat? I want to grab a nice meal but I want to eat somewhere where I can only get that experience in Vegas .
  7. Yes hoovie . doug. Legit street cars. Harry. Make good videos . Others out there I’m sure as well . But as others have mentioned it’s all about making $ from clicks now . Hoovies and Doug serve that niche, like back in the day how you cracked open a magazine at the grocery store to see and learn about a car you loved . Those are the videos they make interesting , informative , about the car . Go to Chris Harris or Tiff for performance . Clarkson for entertainment . The rest for boredom . Testshoot, would love to read that topic if you ever make it . And IMO Tiff was my favorite reviewer. 5th gear tried to create a digital presence but Just never got there .
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    C55 AMG Values

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how much I should pay for this car. It's 1 owner, 2006, 106k miles, maintenance records(not sure what was done), new tires/shocks/struts(claimed, not verified), has the wood trim option for interior....asking $9.9k, but I think that's a little on the steep side. Any clue how much its worth? I'm checking it out later today so need to look over it for any other problems it may have. I can't find any comparables/not a whole lot of transaction history for this model
  9. MrDoctor

    C55 AMG Values

    I read it somewhere. I think MB world forum. You're right, 777 were produced, maybe that figure was for only US based cars? I was referring to the C215s only. Thanks for chiming in, I will hold you up to that offer if needed Thank You
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    C55 AMG Values

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    C55 AMG Values

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    C55 AMG Values

    Thank you ! If you go for one and are familiar with working on your own cars try to find a CL65 amazing car and I believe they only made 55 of them they trade for about $30-40k just reserve about $10k for worse case Senario repairs I almost got one instead of the CL 55 but I can’t afford one . Some parts on the CL do fail often and if you need to pay a mechanic to do the repairs RIP might as well go Lamborghini lol Transmissions in the AMG are supposed to be solid. we’ll see : thank you haven’t ran into another C55 yet I love driving it so far love the CLK front end they did on the car
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    Credit score question...

    Dude, fuk BOA. I will never deal with them again. They always nickel and dime'd me in a similar way if they weren't making any $ off me. Good luck, going to be tuff to get that removed, unless you have some proof that you did enroll in auto pay and were not notified of any changes regarding your auto pay. I would refinance thru another bank and pull out of BOA. Fuk that. Might be hard now that you score took such a huge hit, but you never know. I really hate BOA.
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    C55 AMG Values

    You can but it’s not worth the trouble I can supercharge it for $10k but I wouldn’t go FI unless it was from the factory I bought this car mainly for the NA V8 engine they’ll never make another like this sadly . Turbos and superchagrers are great but the newer cars provide less feedback than from cars in this era IMO the power delivery is just ridiculous
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    C55 AMG Values

    Yes, this seems to be the case. Loving the car so far:
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    C55 AMG Values

    Well. Wish me luck. I couldn't resist. Just got home from purchasing it. Took the long way home.
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    California Exhaust law

    Exactly. Loud exhausts are annoying. Most of them aren't even on worthy cars. CA >
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    Oh snap!
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    Oh snap!
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    Any road bikers here?

    Just curious. I picked up the sport semi-recently and am HOOKED! My buddy talked me into buying an entry level Allez a little over 1 year ago, and I catch myself eating and breathing biking now. I know my bike inside/out. I perform all my work, upgrades, fitting, etc. No better feeling that doing a hard climb and riding the drop. Anyone else feel the same way? This has been god sent for me. My cardio was lacking due to a bad back, and cycling has kept me in pretty good shape.
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    Any road bikers here?

    I remember you saying a Evo Hi-Mod was your next bike. Glad you went the S route, fantastic bikes. I went through a Cannondale phase and their bikes were ehhh, not my style. Rim brakes and carbon wheels?! Have you tried a disc bike yet? I won't go back to rim after having disc.
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    Lambo Marketing do it right

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    Any road bikers here?

    Very nice!!!! My next bike for sure will be Specialized. Was not feeling my Cannondale and surprisingly , after my Cannondale took a dump, my DIamondback has been the best bike I've ever had. I was watching the new phil gaimon video of him cycling in PV. Seem like that area is more suited for a gravel bike? I'm going to take a summer trip out there, take all of your KOMs
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    Cheating on Lambo today

    Bay Area -> S.FL and back. Ft. Lauderdale I liked the area. But that humidity I could not get used to. I'll never move away from the West Coast again. Its great if you like the beach/water, but I'm not a beach guy. I never go to the beach here and I'm 20 mins away. East Coast has a different vibe, I liked it. Just the humidity. I'm sure I could get used to it, but I'm too familiar with CA. But I do miss the Waffle House.