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On 11/23/2018 at 10:16 AM, Destructo said:


Henry Ford would be proud! That looks sharp! I would be curious to see how it would change if the grill was blacked out as well, maybe too far, but it looks incredible.

I wouldn't turn my nose at driving either, the Bentley has its place, and rightfully so.

Agree blacking it out is a good idea. 

Cullinan frame and engine is same as Phantom - mine being a launch edition takes msrp 400k. 

URUS 260k Bentayga Speed will be over 300k which is now the only way to get a V12. 

Base Cullinan 325k IMO won't last long - find it hard to believe Cullinan costs less to build than the Phantom and the ride build quality is on par. 



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