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  1. rushdriven

    Official Shitty Lamborghini Kit Car and Replica Thread

    A horrible looking white replica Countach came to E@RTC (Exotics @ Redmond Town Center) a couple weeks ago on Italian Car Day. The owner was mad when he was not allowed to park in the center court with real Lamborghini's, Ferrari's etc. I didn't take any pics of it. Looked to be made from a Fiero or many or most of them.
  2. Found a set for sale with tires...….in the UK... £6,513.68
  3. You're welcome. Agreed that the gray on my orange car and the paint you had done on your orange car was just a bit too dark. Looked good, but I could tell it was darker than the factory titanium wheel color option. Not sure if the gray ever sold. Owner was a bit difficult and wanted the money wired to him to pay off the car vs. his bank who would give any overage to him and the title to the buyer. I did reach out to him today and asked if he still had it. I know the wheels on it are factory titanium Hercules.
  4. You could also trade your black set for a set of factory titanium wheels. I'm sure Roy Cats or another dealer has a set laying around.
  5. I emailed a former Lamborghini engineer who was the project leader of several cars including the LP640 and the Reventon. His response: "Hi John! that‘s a million $ question man! I do not believe so or at least, we used to buy painted wheels but the Lamborghini After Sales should definitely be able to help... or they didn‘t? sorry, but it‘s really long ago."
  6. rushdriven

    Picked up a new toy

    Congrats on the new ride!!!
  7. rushdriven

    Wheels and Tires

    I have owned 5 Murci's. Personally, I prefer the Corsa's to the Rosso's. Stickier tires. However, they do wear faster than the Rosso's.
  8. rushdriven

    Does anyone know either one of these?

    I've hear plus and minus on the 12's. I have owned 5 Murci's, drove a 12 Aventador and liked it a lot. I have heard it has a harder suspension, however, with the factory wheels for that year with rubber sidewall vs. the Dione 20/21's, I didn't think it was bad at all. I have heard that the build quality got better over production run. Would probably stay away from the lower number VIN at Chicago Motor Cars and look a the Aventador at Lamborghini Palm Beach. The 12 I drove was somewhat close in VIN to that one. The owner of the 12 I drove has owned several Lambo's and hasn't had any issues with his.
  9. rushdriven

    Pre-LP Murcielago Production Totals

    Exactly my point. All Murci's built in 2006 are not Pre-LP's..... The numbers shown in the annual report are for all cars built that year, not model year.
  10. rushdriven

    Pre-LP Murcielago Production Totals

    Not doubting your skillz and will mention that I read your post quickly and did not review VW/Audi AG annual reports... In 2006 Lamborghini produced 2007 model year Murcielago LP640's so the 2006 numbers could include 2007 cars. Both 2007 LP640's I've owned were built in 2006 (September and October).
  11. rushdriven

    Aventador S Blue

    Love it! Especially with the black intakes.
  12. rushdriven

    25 years of Lamborghini.... Next step

    Congrats on the new acquisition!!! Gorgeous car!!!
  13. rushdriven

    Finally Joined the Club

    Congrats!!! Great color. Enjoy!!!
  14. rushdriven

    Lp 640 fuel tank reading full when it’s not full

    I had the same issue in my previous LP640 after the fuel tank was replaced on the recall. After driving at least 100+ miles it would still read full, then drop a bit. I never really trusted it at 1/4 tank. My current LP640 has had the recall and also seems to read full longer than one would expect.
  15. It was a live auction which also allowed online simulcast bidding to anyone registered to bid. To register, the auction required a deposit of $1,000: To Bid online simulcast for this auction, you MUST register by clicking the "Get Approved to Bid" button on the right side of this page & submit the $1,000 deposit (details listed above). **If you have never bid online simulcast with I-Collector, then you will need to create an account. Please note, this is a different registration from our normal timed online auctions.