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  1. KaiatEliteMS

    new ZR1 vs 720S...

    720S Should really be called 800S
  2. KaiatEliteMS

    Cayman GT4

    I just drove a GT4 the other day for the first time, very raw car the sport seats are a bit too much for the street but still badass
  3. KaiatEliteMS

    Picked up a new toy

    Great combo! Enjoy it in good health
  4. KaiatEliteMS

    FS: 2018 Huracan Performante $308k 960 miles

    Very nice!
  5. On the pre LP, you bypassed the secondary air pump?
  6. KaiatEliteMS

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    What was the 1/4 mile trap speed?
  7. KaiatEliteMS

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    Got a link to the live feed?
  8. KaiatEliteMS

    Colorado Springs 1/2 Mile Event

    NICE! Congrats as always. Good job to ETS as well but pushing the envelope. Fun watching the back and forth runs. Keeps it interesting.
  9. KaiatEliteMS

    Can't afford the Urus?

    The new Audi Q8 rear end is the same as Urus too
  10. KaiatEliteMS

    2021 Dodge Viper

    Way to make it look like a TVR Tuscan
  11. KaiatEliteMS

    04-05 gallardo vs r8

    Well said alpha6164
  12. KaiatEliteMS

    WTB: Find this guy a GATED GALLARDO 6-SPEED

    Might let mine go for the right price, 04 6 Speed Gated nicely modded PM me if interested
  13. Heard from a solid source they walked away, it was two women
  14. KaiatEliteMS

    Domains ending in .app are now available.

    Pre-registered a bunch of them, we'll see if it does antyhing