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  1. Wasnt sure if anyone read the news on DP's Taylor Sims. Passed away last night after crashing. I know DP and UR had their fair share of trash talk but it's never fun losing a fellow enthusiast. Stay safe out there people. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/traffic-accidents/2019/06/08/man-dies-crash-after-lost-control-lamborghini-police-say
  2. hellraiser

    SV X 3

    simply stunning!
  3. just found the movie on YouTube. so far so good.
  4. Must not fap!!! beautiful and can't wait to see this in one of your masterpieces!
  5. What are Scud's going for right now? I have always loved the look of those cars.
  6. I wish I had your problems!!! Enjoy your new car in good health!
  7. absolutely love the DBS, the car has looks that will age well!
  8. pretty sure bryan has put a shit ton on all his aventadors.
  9. I don't believe one word of what they're saying if they don't have hexagonal tailpipes!
  10. Seems legit. What ever happened to that Falcon F7 car?
  11. Just saw this over the xmas break and I was pretty disappointed in it. I need to go back and rewatch it just to soak it in again and go in without any bias.
  12. Did anyone read about the conspiracy regarding this blackout? Apparently a plane left at 630 that same night and headed to Belgium, where they own the terminal. The airport said that no planes left until the following day but some online detectives found out some Israeli owned plane was the only plane to head out the day of the blackout.
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