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  1. I have two pit bulls and this shit gives all pit pulls and owners bad reps. These people deserve to be tossed head first to isis
  2. LyinFapper

    Hawaii - how big, how bad ??

    I don't roll out of bed for anything below a 6.0.
  3. LyinFapper

    Huracan Inbound

    Congrats Jeff!
  4. LyinFapper

    FedEx it.........

    Was this Manny's?
  5. LyinFapper

    L.A. Mobile Detailer - Recommendations

    It’s a damn nice knob!
  6. LyinFapper

    L.A. Mobile Detailer - Recommendations

    A Hurucan Spyder, Mini Cooper, MBZ SL550 and a Ford Edge. I’d like the cars washed every other week and detailed as needed.
  7. I am in need of a mobile detailer, I live a few blocks off Mulholland in Sherman Oaks. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. LyinFapper


    Ryan do you drive the Aventador in the snow or only the Murci?
  9. The car has 50 miles, hence why we thought it was new.
  10. LyinFapper

    FS: 2008 Monterey Blue LP640 Roadster

    Jason congratulations to you and Kara! I just had my first about 7 weeks ago. Good luck with the sell, your car is an absolute beauty!
  11. LyinFapper

    Starwars "The Last Jedi" Teaser Trailer

    "Rose" is a good friend, can't wait to see the movie!
  12. LyinFapper

    Is this SV converted to RWD?

    Car is not RWD
  13. LyinFapper

    Aventor SV

    I saw this in Miami last week and it looked incredible. Car is owned by the Pagani King or his son.
  14. LyinFapper

    Anyone in San Francisco?

    Safe travels and good luck!
  15. LyinFapper

    Anyone in San Francisco?

    I'll be in the city in the 28th-2nd.