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  1. We're just about to break ground on a 4100 sq foot 5 bed 6 bath - will post progress photos - nothing compared to some of the castles posted here, but its going to be some entertainment for you guys to bump this legendary thread again!
  2. Hope the owner is ok! I saw this on the way home last night - looks like the lambo was being chased by a new civic type R. Keep the racing to the track folks this could have ended up a lot worse. Not my video by the way.
  3. You sir are my hero! Amazing truck in exactly the right colour!!!
  4. +1 you'd regret it - unless you need the money and space more, don't bother selling - much better to drive it even once a month than not have the option at all
  5. This thread is relevant to my interests!
  6. I have cquartz finest on all my cars - this stuff is amazing and lasts forever - put in on the daily Driven RR 3 years ago and still going strong - went on the garage queen 4 years ago and it's still like brand new. Amazing stuff!
  7. Hopefully this wasn't anyone on here - RIP - drive safe out there guys http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/lamborg...ar-flips/nnh9t/
  8. Wow I hope something real bad happens to those clowns before they hurt someone innocent
  9. Congrats! And +1 on the go kart track idea - epic
  10. Good advice for sure - always keep in mind though that this would never be passive income as a lot of people think it is - vacation rentals are a very hands on business and be sure to have the time to manage things accordingly!
  11. I would recommend a management company for the simple fact that they will be able to screen and control who rents and thus protecting you in the process - the other 50% is the hassle factor saved of not dealing with issues that will arise through the tenant Management companies also have access to longer term tenants vs air bnb which will have more daily and weekend renters coming through it Not in your area but I speak from experience and work in that industry
  12. oh my god! I've never seen the actual vid its a miracle he wasn't dead on impact from how high the tractor jumps
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