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  1. Roy, was this car in Columbus, Ohio earlier in its life? We had one just like it in our Cars and Coffee group. I loved that car!
  2. Yeah, but my shoot locations are not usually "NO PHOTOGRAPHY!" zones...
  3. I've always loved that story. Here is my poorly framed selfie with the Miuras
  4. So very excited to see this car and all that it can do. I'm a little disappointed that Porsche continues to defend the 911 from the Cayman line by detuning these engines but I guess the aftermarket will take care of that!
  5. AWESOME! Pics with car inside please!
  6. And that's when they function. I hate how picky they can be.
  7. My thoughts are with his family. Very sad.
  8. Love the variations in white between the two cars. Your Huracán looks great, congratulations!
  9. I saw this earlier and immediately thought of Allan. I really like Jay's Garage and the episodes are almost always entertaining and informative. Having said that, shouldn't Jay do some basic fact checking for these homemade projects, especially with regard to innovative fuel systems and power numbers? He's giving these people a huge audience when they come on his channel and maybe he should ask for some proof before promoting their products.
  10. I never thought the H3 was anything special but the H2 was different enough to be cool. I miss the brand overall. It just added a little variety.
  11. There are some affordable "drones" out there that are a lot of fun to fly around. The least expensive ones fly for 15 min or so and don't have cameras, if you spend a little more you can get one with a camera. They're entertaining at any price point and many people don't have one.
  12. There's actually another thread about the PCH going. You might ask a mod to merge these so you will get more of that conversation. Other PCH thread: http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=74142
  13. On the bright side, the others are worth slightly more now! That sucks though and I hope everyone is OK.
  14. The most frustrating thing about this for me is listening to the completely distorted viewpoints of people who don't have any idea what they're talking about. The ignorance about what a grand jury is, the refusal to accept the facts of the case, the "hands up, don't shoot" slogan which is based on nothing except an invented narrative. Social media has been impossible to look at. I'm so glad Thanksgiving will disrupt this story some because I don't care to see any more about it. Based on the findings of the grand jury, it appears Michael Brown did in fact receive justice and it was delivered to him free of charge at the rate of a bit over 1,000 feet per second.
  15. The first public remarks by the police officer will air tonight at 6:30PM.
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