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  1. Looking forward to seeing this film.
  2. Assman


    Excited to see this three seater.
  3. Awesome! You plan to flash it to 760hp?
  4. Jason did you finalize Themis or Scandal?
  5. I heard 1963 total to coincide with the year Lambo started.
  6. Couldn’t you just look at each specific render when you are ordering it at the dealer?
  7. The hangover is really a multifactorial condition which includes dehydration as well as toxic chemicals from the breakdown of ethanol which itself is a toxic chemical and inflammation in the body. The best thing I’ve found is multifactorial. Drink water before you sleep. You can also eat some foods like bread that soak up water so it can absorb more slowly. Also stay up as long as you can to sober up. This is not always possible but if you taper down drinking at the end of the night and hydrate you’ll do better. The final ingredient I’ve found is 800 MG of ibuprofen before sleeping. It makes an amazing difference.
  8. Can you make sure I’m officially listed as Porter’s boss?
  9. Very nice. I’ve seen Jason’s car many times and ran with him too. Great guy and great car.
  10. I’m pretty sure he posted a contract for SVJ number one about 6 months ago.
  11. Lambo party was fun. At the door I told the check in person I was Plastique999 and they let me in.
  12. Just saw the reveal video for tomorrow. HOLY FU CK. It’s insane. The details, the decklid, the rear character line, the winglets on the side. I’m in love.
  13. Dude. Really? Ojai is just up the road from my house. You staying at the Ojai Valley inn? Love that place. If you plan around traffic you can make the whole trip in 3 hours. Hit me up on text. I’ll fill you in. I do have a friend who may know chopper rentals locally. I’ll contact him for you.
  14. I know you love the H1 as much as Kevin and I do.
  15. Bite your tongue. H1 is AWESOME! Plastique. Get an h1 Alpha. With the middle jumpseat it will hold all 6 of you and your kids will absolutely love it.
  16. The last 90 that came was known to usually have more engine oil under it than in it.
  17. His dealer should have already begged him to go and rolled out the red carpet.
  18. VCR is spot on. A defender would make a gclass feel like a Cadillac. There is a rumor that a new USDM defender will be dropping soon though. I recently rode in a new 2018 defender. It’s pretty much exactly the same at a 1984 defender.
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