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  1. Hollywood996


    I am optimistic on where the show is going... The plot line: Rhoades vs Axe ran its corse. Next season it looks like there will be two plots Axe vs Taylor and Rhoades vs the AG.
  2. I just finished Babylon Berlin on Netflix, its in German but dubbed in English, it was definitely a different type of show but I'd recommend it.
  3. very nice collection, I'm shocked at what old Porsche 944s are going for these days
  4. way to many variables in that market, not to mention a massive black market. but at some point the issues will get solved, and the corporations will get involved, and like every market sector there will be winners and losers.
  5. service records over miles... ultimately you want to talk to the owner, ask him how it was driven, where it was driven, etc. You could be looking at a low miles car that was used mostly for track days and driven very hard, or a high miles car that was babied and regularly serviced. Miles don't tell the whole story.
  6. I have ridden bikes my whole life... Blind spots are a lot easier to hide in when you are on 2 wheels, and more often then not in situations like these, bikers are setting themselves up to be cut off.
  7. I saw them at Jerry World 2 weeks ago, there was not much to the show other then a few video screens, very little pyrotechnics, short show, and they just did not sound as good. I have seen them twice before, and thought they did much better at those other shows.
  8. Saw Metallica 2 weeks ago... and was unimpressed, rather boring and short
  9. I have bought and sold plenty of cars and motorcycles just like this... first make sure the title is in his name, and make sure his name and address matches that which is on his license. As for filling out the information on the title, I always tell people just to sign it and leave everything else blank. Some states (Texas and California) are very particular about any kind of marking on a title, you can always fill out the rest when you go to the registration office. Some states require titles to be notarized (Louisiana comes to mind).
  10. if Connor can change the style of the fight, go for a knock out in the first round, go right at him with everything he's got as soon as the bell rings, then I think he has a good chance. Everyone else that has tried to fight Mayweather has tried to outlast him, fight his style of fight, land jabs and score points.
  11. Kimi did not look to happy after the race, and you have to give it to Vettel he set those fast laps when he needed to and was able to advance past Kimi through pit stop strategy.
  12. The Mercedes being the longest car, seems to not do as well on the streets of Monaco, and the McLarens did not look to bad.
  13. McLaren is not going to get a better deal becoming a customer team of Renualt or Mercedes (Honda brings a lot of $$$ to the team). With Sauber going to Honda power, there is going to be a lot more development and testing, so very likely the Honda power unit will improve. As for Alonso I think he ends up at Renault, but anything is possible during F1's silly season
  14. Hollywood996


    I love this show, the last 2 episodes were really good... both adversaries seem willing to go all in to bring the other down.
  15. there has got to be a reason for the missing seat, maybe the previous owner had a racing seat installed, maybe the previous owner had some sort of special need and needed a custom seat (to tall, to fat).
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