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  1. Derek, that's a very creative take on the guage. This jalpa has had a storied life for sure....
  2. That is one sexy looking B. The continental T has great proportions and ooozes style. enjoy it.....
  3. Check out the bespoke Defender being offered by ARES design. if you need a line on one, PM me.
  4. you may want to look into Cryo detailing. It uses dry ice under pressure and cleans chassis, engines without any disassembly. The results are quite impressive. i just saw a 964 done by TUNE RS in coral springs, Fl. they have a video on the process.
  5. absolutely nailed it. what a great vibe. congrats...
  6. Bill, once again impeccable taste in the spec. use it well bud.
  7. 360challenge


    That roadster is smokin hot.... love the white countach as well. i almost bought that exact combo at 89 NY auto show with no wing (at sticker). i passed cause i wanted a wing and 2 months later the market soared and i ended up with red/champange at $110k over sticker.......
  8. Congrats, awesome looking car.
  9. I have also met him here in the states. A class act for sure....
  10. Last week at the factory, his name came up. The guide said when he is there, nobody pays any special attention nor knows he is someone special to Lamborghini.
  11. I was there at the event and saw it in the flesh. It is not even a first prototype but more of an initial mockup. i thought it looked quite good for an early stage of the concept. It is a very ambitious and impressive undertaking as is the entire new Ares Modena factory. Each to his own as to weather it appeals. Ares is simply filling a niche and their attention to the details is refreshing.
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