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  1. Diablo_692

    FREE Automobili Lamborghini polo or sweatshirt

    Andrew, I believe I'm still a member. So can I please get one of the polo shirts in a size Large? Thx.
  2. Diablo_692

    Resurrecting Jalpa #359

    I've been following your thread on this project for some time. Incredible and congratulations to you on it all! Your hard work and attention to detail have really paid off. Time now to enjoy the accolades, and the Jalpa of course.
  3. Diablo_692

    Aventador (SV) Super Veloce Pictures

    I believe he's referring to the "Porsche 918 Liquid Metal Blue" mentioned in post #1824.
  4. Diablo_692

    Diablo Shocks

    Glen, are they making these available through the Polo Storico program?
  5. Diablo_692

    Health Insurance in US

    You actually meant to say UACA "Un Affordable Care Act".
  6. Diablo_692

    Diablo 6.0 Twin Turbo Build

    Perhaps nothing to report, although I've seen limey comment in another thread on here as recently as today. I'd also love to get an update with current pics.
  7. Diablo_692

    Fuse panel diagram

    From that missing next page, relay P is for the right headlamp lifting motor and Q is for the left headlamp lifting motor. Both are Bosch 0.332.204.151.
  8. Diablo_692

    Pre OBDII LIE 39 pin connector

    I'm curious as to why you say 39 pins, as my wiring diagram only shows 35 pins on that ECU connector.
  9. Diablo_692

    My Diablo SVR restoration

    I agree with the 666 choice - that SVR was the screensaver on my laptop computer for years!
  10. Diablo_692

    Is this MANLY??

    ....and now at the last minute, they've come back and removed the requirement for him to wear the chute. Good luck man!
  11. Diablo_692

    Is this MANLY??

    Some union told him "no chute, no jump". So, he will be wearing a chute.
  12. Diablo_692

    battery leaking

    Agree with Chipster that since it's an AGM battery and not a flooded cell, lead acid battery, what I see in the picture you provided is not a leak. I suspect that yellow stuff on and around the terminals is some type of anti-corrosion "pookey" (technical term). :-)
  13. Diablo_692

    All users - PM about becoming a vip member scam-

    Just got one of these from puiprofcerlins1985 who sent me the PM 2 minutes after joining this Forum with 0 posts. Claimed I'd become a VIP member for free if I clicked a "This Page" link. Needless to say, I didn't take the bait. Be careful guys & gals.
  14. Diablo_692

    99 SV Rebuild

    Geez, almost looks like a lead acid battery exploded and that's the result of the acid spray. You mentioned re-painting, but did you ever consider powder coating it?
  15. Diablo_692

    Just say no!