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  1. Very common problem for sure, I will have to find my pictures or I will make some new ones to demonstrate how I clean and refurbish switches I come across the buttons are a base white plastic with an automotive black paint, it is then laser etched with and icon to reveal whatever the switch is designed for be it window or door locks etc that is then clear coated to protect the surface from scratches as obviously it would leave white lines exposed when illuminated, it is this clear coat that degrades over time... interestingly from finger oils etc.... I use a different type of clear coat that is stabilized and I also add a light wax afterwards. its a busy week coming up but I will see if I can post more to show the process
  2. I think the angle of the photo which at the rear is showing the upper passenger side engine bonnet profile is adding rear estate making the back end look thicker, also the oversized rims and larger rear tyre profile makes the car seem compressed. Not saying any of it looks bad or wrong, just that the image has illusions built in. But..... i am also curious about the white paint marks under the centres of each wheel... or so they seem to be, coincidence? Or is there an actual reason? ( because I need to just add to the mystery.....is why)
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