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  1. Digibeam

    RHD to LHD headlamp conversion

    The high beam is created by an actuator on the main lamp assembly that is also the low beam when not active, it is a controlled flag that’s dropped into and out of the beam blocking or allowing the high beam to radiate the variable between its position in relation to high and low as a unit, is fixed and cannot be altered, the focus or direction the beam is pointed to on the other hand can be adjusted through the forward panel in the wheel well as pointed out by Stimpy, and is a fairly simple task, but should not be done without the headlamp alignment specs for the very reason I mentioned previously, but it’s your car, you are free to do as you please with it, just be thoughtful of opposing drivers at night.
  2. Digibeam

    Murcielago RHD Chassis

    That’s all I had sorry, I have still been looking though
  3. Digibeam

    RHD to LHD headlamp conversion

    The projectors can be aimed for the correct orientation though you should have it done at a shop with the correct beam alignment tool as adjusting your own headlamps is actually a no no in the eyes of the DOT and people tend to favour thier own viewpoint of illumination than the drivers receiving it in the on coming lane usually blinding them in the process with maladjusted headlamps.....
  4. Digibeam

    LP640 side skirt

    i am going to assume you would include the outer rear collectors along with the side skirts the skirts can be changed but the rear quarter on the early Murci would require significant body work for both the relocation of the oil cooler DS and alternator cooler PS , along with the lower rear quarters needing to be filled and lengthened to match the LP style collectors I feel it is a worthy upgrade as they do have a well defined curve all the way to the front and the collectors look awesome as well i have dealt with the offshore “ carbon fibre” version (so fancy) collector covers that are grossly oversized and after cutting most of the original Murci collectors away, they fit over top this eliminates the need to relocate the oil cooler assembly but even on a good day it’s a sad looking affair they are so visually incorrect. sorry got into a tangent there.... but the short answer now would be yes it can be done as I have done it on a roadster
  5. Digibeam

    Murcielago RHD Chassis

    Really? GTautospares in Australia has a roadster chassis on eBay a little surprised it was missed
  6. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    Not to contest but to clarify, as the wording of “supply to the solinoid” is misleading The solinoid positive (50) is derived from the starter relay, the hard positive to the starter motor (30) is isolated from the solinoid coil and is only common to the contacts engaged as a result of the solinoid motivation, otherwise if they shared a common positive in the event of an arc short, the solinoid could be welded permanently engaged leaving the drive gears of the motor driving the flywheel after the car has started. but you have the general idea, thank you for commenting.
  7. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    Hmmm my positive cable is moulded together with multiple wires, unlike yours that has them bolted together, so about your question, #3 will be the one side of the mega fuse in the little box while the other side of the box goes to the alternator, difficult to tell, but #1 may be the starter feed and if so, then you don’t have the fuse block, #2 would be the feed to the main relay and fuse cluster behind the driver seat if you are at this location again to test the cable, you can leave the battery shut off and just use continuity on your tester, with probes even with the battery engaged, the amount of amperage that would draw from a short would more likely melt the tips right off anyways, plus if the car is in neutral, it wouldn’t go anywhere because you also blocked your tyres once the car was raised and before you ventured under there.... Funny that socket wedged into the ebrake cable like that.... and I cannot get over how clean the underside of your car is... its as if it has never seen a day on the road, very nice
  8. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    I will add that some of those also had carrier plates in them and not fuses, I have never determined what defined that other than some do and some don’t that I have come across. but it is another connection that if it is not true, the starter will not turn
  9. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    The little box is one of the main mega fuses, there is another behind the driver engine side of the firewall beside the dry sump oil reservoir One for the alternator and the other is for the starter, which is the one on the firewall, it is a mega fuse and is what I was referring to in my initial post, to get to it you need to access the rear firewall near the battery, it’s around $12 for that mega fuse and was my first suspect but looking back I called it a resistor not a fuse (late night posting) Still holding firm that I don’t believe it’s the starter motor..... (it’s a Canadian thing) PS. Very clean engine bay..... nice to see
  10. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    Thank you for making the video it does seem to be the solinoid sound for sure, but no starter motor i have uploaded the starter-schematic and as I like to draw at straws you still could potentially have a loose connection from the battery to the starter the starter motor is the lower right block the starter relay is the upper left block unfortunately, to check will require rear wheel removal and the forward inner wheel well cover to expose the battery and the cable to the starter, the one end that goes to the starter is what I expect is the issue, though it can be the opposite end, this is a long shot as the cable should be hard wired along with the battery terminal, but I would still Like to see you come out of this without a trip to the dealer or damaged front end due to a tow truck driver also, I would be happy to help you out with the wheel guide pin, send me a PM and we can share some info if you like.
  11. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    Unfortunately the front lift system is powered by the power steering pump pressure so no joy will happen there. i am going to have another look at the wire diagram but the starter assembly is fairly simple so there isn’t a lot of options to go wrong, I am just thinking it may be something other than the starter ( it is wishful thinking I admit for your benefit) Just to again be certain, and I respect the age thing as I am mid 50’s myself, perhaps another person, such as your dear wife could attempt to start the car while you listen near the front of the left side (drivers) rear tyre for the offending click, zap or what have you, while the ignition is being engaged. i will agree it is quite a burden to remove the rear wheel then the wheel well panels etc. The voltage drop you witnessed does not look remotely like a bad solinoid nor a starter motor short, and, so far as engaging the gear in an egear trans I don’t feel it is of any benefit , if you could hear the solinoid engage and the starter spinning or grinding then I would suspect the flywheel teeth to have questionable areas on it, but in this case, you are not experiencing this. if I can find another option for you I will most certainly post it up keep your chin up The solution will come one way or another
  12. Digibeam

    Starter problem?

    Jan, sorry to hear you are having this issue, are you certain the click you hear is in fact the solenoid for the starter and not just the starter relay? there should be a voltage drop, considerable actually, if your starter is ceased yet the solenoid is engaging otherwise please test the resistor inline to the starter positive cable and be certain it isn’t the issue, here is hoping...
  13. Digibeam

    do you know this car?

    how do the gas pedal and covers look? They are a sure sign of driving age and very Rare to be replaced, also the seatbelts can show a significant age
  14. Digibeam

    Funky door lock/unlock issues

    I don’t believe it is a battery issue at all, there are two micro switches in the door latch assembly , one for the door light and the other to tell the Med system and lock relay the door is locked or unlocked, To further this, there is a large relay in the foot well fuse assembly on the passenger side of the car that controls the door solenoids open close etc. If either the micro switches or the relay are faulting, you will have the issues you described The one thing worse would be the Med system being faulty but I would bank on the other items first.
  15. Digibeam

    Murcielago throwing betlts?

    Seems to be 98Nm for the wheel lugs, which is what I am assuming you are referring to.