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  1. http://www.catsexotics.com/vehicle-details/2006-lamborghini-murcielago--lynnwood-wa-id-33434266
  2. Wire within 24 hours call us today
  3. Yes I sold it several years ago and it went to the buyer in Canada who imported it. VERY VERY strong car. I could broker it back ito the USA without having to pay US Customs taxes on it. Would have to come down through B.C boarder crossing however.
  4. My understanding of the sale as of this AM is that it was unwound and the car is going back tot he original seller. Since no Police report, the damage will never show up on CarFax and or Autocheck
  5. As for the Rossa Vic 99SV with low miles and in tip top shape that ran Saturday at Mecum.........I ended up with it and it should arrive at my store next day or so...yes it will be for sale. 1 of ONLY 27 ever made. 1 of only 3 RV cars produced..RARE as it gets
  6. AS for the Blue 99 VT that sold at $253K with fees... DID anyone see the HUGH dent in the right rear fender that happened just prior to crossing the block int he Mecum line up outside of the crossing block?? Again, speaking to owner right there..MECUM was going to make him whole as it was their driver that did the damage...so he let it go for way less then his reserve as MECUM was paying the difference between the sale price and the reserve to make him whole. So he won and the price was reflective of the $30K plus its going to take to repair the un-repairable damaged fender...OEM cost for a new rear fender is over $18K Like always so many people say, if its to good to be true it for a reason
  7. NOW we have a CORRECT reason for its low price. I as well was there and saw the car....IMO, it was a Salvaged car that was put back together in someones back yard garage. The SELLER had it at NO RESERVE for a reason....I spoke to him...he knew I was a Dealer so did not BS me. Car was a HUNK A JUNK and he had NO desire what so ever to take it back home and dump more money into it. For me it was not even worth $60K...its a possible parts car at best. The sad thing is the new owner, who I have sold a few cars to called me all happy right after he bought it....next day after he went over all the details...well lets say dont be suprised to see it sold at a loss soon again.
  8. http://www.catsexotics.com/vehicle-details...-wa-id-15340478 Off to Florida it goes...
  9. The Blue one I HAD in stick is this car. I put approx 17K miles on it, sold it to a person in California. Then helped brokering it to the current owner. I was the first owner from brand new. There were 3 White LP670-4SV cars int he USA...2 are Baloon White, only one of those remains as one, Ben Chens car was damaged fairly extensively in a one car accident. I have heard its being rebuilt but not sure. The other one, which I sold as well, lives in the Bay area and was told that it had a minor incident requiring the front bumper to be replaced.\ Mine, car #12 is the ONLY one in IMPACT bright White sporting the optional Small "speed wing". I ordered it from new at BMCD. Still have it today and enjoy driving it almost daily.
  10. I am in as well as my son Jonathan. We will have our Islero there on the green, for the 50th anniversary. We were invited to bring it. Pretty cool Roy Cats http://www.catsexotics.com/vehicle-details...-wa-id-14807040
  11. BOIH The high mile Yellow 6.0 and this SV owned by same guy (current SV owner) Diablo went to another buyer, in turn to me, we put $37K into and recently sold it...off to Florida. The BLACK SV I USED to own as well, 2 owners since then, I was asked to buy it back prior to E-Bay, we did not come to a price agreement. I think it SOLD at a little under market for what it was. Roy
  12. Could not agree with you more Ed. Thanks for taking the time to put it in writing for us.
  13. Yes my Black GT came out of his collection. Richard Berry. At that time he DID have the Orange one as well....but as of today I am not 100% its still with him.
  14. I had well over $75K put into the Gold one performance wise. It is one bad ass car. Dont need to sell it so it takes that money to buy it. Which I think its worth every penny of. The second brown one may or may not go up on the site soon, we are working with a customer on it prior to listing it.
  15. Ron Tonkins is Orange and not for sale as I have close contact with his surving sons weekly. Mine, car #74 at 6K KMS I would guess is a $700K car now based on this sale. In the USA, there are mne, Tonkins. Silver one in the NE, (Orange one from Texas sold and went to Mexico) Yellow one talked about here, was in Florida for a while prior to selling last year..so must have just sold again from Georgia. Bennys Yellow one in NY sold out to Switrzerland 3 years ago. There is suppose to be one more rumored to still be in Colorado in the same collection as I got mine from, suppose to be Orange and he will not sell it as its is Denver Broncos Colors... I have mine completely titled and plated, no desire to sell it at all.
  16. VCR is correct on his postings..a few additions however. USA 6.0SE cars had their ODO in miles not KMS. There are at least 3 Canadian cars here in the USA (SE cars). Same as USA cars as they were all homogenized. Some came with NAV and the early few did not. The 41,42 and 43 car did go to the UK and were different color. The second ghear is the shorter ratio "race gear". It is lighter then the standard 6.0 with weight saving items, not much, but it is. I have 2 Brown in stock as well as 1 Gold in stock. I also have one of each in my own collection that is not for sale. I love the SE car. I think they are undervalued at this time. I am open to offers on either of mine. The last one to sell was at auction earlier this year, low mile Brown, with fees just ticked over $422K
  17. Yes, that is my old car. I had the mirriors painted. The wings were always good, even up to this accident, dont know what caused that. The exhaust was al Burtoni at the time. That accident happend here in Seattle to the guy I sold it to. He had it repaired and it still lives with him here in Seattle.
  18. Yes, that is my old car. I had the mirriors painted. The wings were always good, even up to this accident, dont know what caused that. The exhaust was al Burtoni at the time. That accident happend here in Seattle to the guy I sold it to. He had it repaired and it still lives with him here in Seattle.
  19. Great car with a love it our hate it paint color. nothing mechanical different, all just cosmetics changed for the car. OF course every single one is a Manual gated car, so thats a plus. Hard to find one complete with the special factory car cover and the CF brief case for the car.
  20. The 720S beats the H, as a matter of fact the 675LT even beats the H car both the 675LY and the 720S cars are just insanely fast. I have over 4K on my 675LT and it has become one of my favorite cars of all times. However the Lamborghini and the McLaren are just two totally different style and driving machines, They both have the strengths and their short comings. Not fair to JUDGE just on a straight line for a few seconds.,
  21. LOVE the color combo...but I must admit, I am a little BIAS LOL ONLY 6.0 Finished from the Factory in this color Combo
  22. There are ONLY 2 Manual SV cars in the USA..I have one and its not for sale. I just sold the last 640 Stick coupe I had, the VI one. I also just sold our 08 stick 640 Roadster, 1 of 4...all I have left now is the 09 stick 640 Roadster. As far as I know, the ONLY stick 640 car on the market in the USA at this time. I do think the 640 cars 08 and 09 are a good value currently. Last of the REAL V12 Lamborghini's original Block
  23. I have this wing on E Bay right now...I would sell it to a board member for $1500.00 plus shipping costs. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173130413355?ssPag...984.m1558.l2649
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