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  1. I would also just double check the power wire and ground connection to the msd box. Actually unplug it and inspect the wire. Just yesterday we had an intermittent Kawasaki and the ground wire was pulled 2mm out of the connector that hooks to the ecu
  2. I would guess ignition. If it were fuel it would probably at least sputter a little bit before it quit. Does that have twin fuel pumps like a diablo or not? Coils are oil filled typically, if it has leaked some oil out that could be a problem, Also MSD is know in racing circles to be pretty unreliable generally. All of the local circle track guys run two msd units stacked, and switch the connector if it acts up.
  3. I mostly ride off road, and I admit I have had a few injuries over the years, but the reward of the ride is fantastic. Its not for everyone. Heres a little pic from last year. If youre squeamish dont look
  4. I'm wondering if its just me, but the world seems to becoming crazier and crazier. Doesnt speak much to the future of humankind.
  5. My Countach was actually fine, lol. Always start, didnt overheat, ac worked decently enough to tolerate driving. My Diablo was a nightmare, a lot of it due to bad mechanics before me. Blown engine etc. After I got it sorted the AC always sucked and the front ground clearance was horrific. I had to plan my routes and couldnt really take it anywhere for fear of tearing the front airdam off. My Lotus v8tt used coolant like gasoline, ck engine lights, airbag lights, ac sucked. Learned to hate that car. My 86 lotus turbo didnt leak oil, start right up after two months. always fine lol.
  6. I met him once, he was driving a beat down Saturn with trash all over the inside, wearing sweat pants and a stained t shirt. True story
  7. My favorite guy to watch when I was a kid....
  8. suzukidave

    Uh oh!

    No wing, just loud exhaust.
  9. i got one, and the tools for cam bolt removal. welcome to borrow if you want
  10. Intense Uzzi is the bike in question.
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