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  1. Yes this is a full engine kit from top to bottom. I probably have in stock if you need it and cheaper than Scuderia is
  2. If you can not find a lens replacement I can get you new lamp discounted at the best price.
  3. Do not know the cross on this one but I should have them new in stock and can offer a shop discount on it. Shoot me an email if interested [email protected]
  4. http://www.exoticwholesaleparts.com/partsale.php?pgn=3&cat=Accessories
  5. On the Murcielago's, The factory ordered key and remote comes already programmed to the car. Takes about a month to get in after order is placed. Its only the Gallardo's that need programmed after receiving the key and remote. Also price is about $100 cheaper through me.
  6. I am pretty sure I can get both temp sensors from stock. The wheel speed sensor I have a couple on order from factory now. Waiting for the backorder release on them. Shoot me an email and will send over options and I will check on them in the morning.
  7. AMHParts

    Key ring

    I did and he sent over pictures on a few he has. Unfortunately doesn't know exactly which one it might be.
  8. AMHParts

    Key ring

    Does anyone have an original 25th key ring you can post so I know what it is supposed to look like please. Have a bunch of options and want to make sure which is the correct one. Thank you
  9. AMHParts


    I do have the pad sets, would need to order the rotors though. Those would be a week to get if you even need them. Chances are you would just need pads
  10. AMHParts


    Let me check on them, I might have all available
  11. They are not the same. 04-08 does not fit 2009 and up
  12. I think I have them Allan, I 'll email them over
  13. I have both available. With the size of the files, its probably better if I put them on a small flash drive and mail it. Send me some emails with address details and will take care of you!
  14. I do have one available so will wait to hear.
  15. I have this electronically on PDF files, let me know what its worth to send over.
  16. Appreciate the heads up! I think I have one available and will check in the morning if interested. Shoot me an email, text , or call me.
  17. The rears are cheaper than the fronts. Give me a call or text with email address and will send over quote. I can send out today if you like. 614-216-5767
  18. There is rears available as well, sorry that was my bad. I should have them in stock also to send out! LOL
  19. Appreciate it as always Carol! customryder1, there is nothing available on the rear from factory since the Euro cars do not have rear side markers. I do not believe anyone has them aftermarket either at the moment.
  20. I have the OEM front clear markers available for about $220 set
  21. Thank you Dan for the purchase and glad you are enjoying it sir! Appreciate the posts and getting the word out that this is the best clutch on the market for Lamborghini
  22. I can check in the morning and see if I have available.
  23. AMHParts


    The $128 retail price is each and they are OEM Lamborghini part. I think I sell them for about $95 each. If the aftermarket set works I would just use those. They seem to be same sensor MHZ for a number of vehicles and I'm pretty sure they all work the same way.
  24. AMHParts


    These are actually all over the place price wise from Porsche to Audi, VW, Lamborghini. The lambo price is on the lower scale of the others just FYI at about $128 retail price. Have plenty if you need
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