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  1. Great!! Now you've got me watching it 100 times!! The more I watch it, the more I laugh!
  2. Iceman


    If he also painted the roof in a black color, then possibly a better look... CF is no longer just a cool look to add anywhere on a car. Weight savings can't be very significant, but a few pounds here and there if you're hitting the track always helps.
  3. The R&T Data Panel... Unfortunately is was Hot and Humid with less than desirable road conditions as it has just rained, but the figures still came out impressive. We've clocked my car stock with a friend's VBox Jr at: 0-60 = 3.1 / 0-100 = 7.4 / 1/4 Mile = 11.4 @ 124mph.
  4. http://www.roadandtrack.com/article.asp?se...p;page_number=2
  5. Sorry I couldn't make it. Sounds like it was a successful event. I had prior obligations to stage my car for the Miami Festival of Speed in Bayfront on Sunday, so had to leave it ready Saturday. Just did an event last weekend and needed at least one family day this weekend, and the show was it this time around. I also need to keep my head low while I still have an active warranty....
  6. Iceman

    F458 Roadtest

    Now I am the definitive F-Car Basher (definitely a majority here....)..... but this is the first Ferrari in 40 years that I'd actually say YES to in no time flat!! What blew me away was the balance and precision of the driving, both with and w/o the electronic assists. The 499 has also been a very descent car for it's class, but the 458 takes the cake. I wouldn't consider it "Supercar" class or category, but definitely Ferrari's new hyper-sports car. I'm still more in for the McClaren, but they definitely have their work cut out for them! As for the production numbers, Ferrari's, especially 430's, are seen driving around almost as much as I see P-Cars! It will still be exotic, make a statement, and now backed up with some serious performance it seems. That's one up (and a few more...) on my Rossion, where there are only 48 hand made per year. After seeing those vids, I tempted to jump into my Q1 right now, underwear and all, and throw it around on the late empty streets of Miami..... Miami Vice style!
  7. Man, you must either wear a blind fold around or your friends suck! I've been to L.A. repeatedly, 2 times this year for a couple of days, and although it's great in all the areas you've mentioned, I don't see where it's so much better than Miami unless you have some f-cked up fetish like Fat Grandmas or something!? I do agree though that L.A. is better for shopping, and "perhaps" restaurants. I will say that things are kind of slow during the night life out here lately, maybe due to the economy, but I've not really seen it down too much. Sure it's the girls or what they're looking at.... ! Funny though, many of us from here have said that same thing after coming back from L.A. I don't shoot L.A. or NYC, they're just different places with different category of women and nightlife. One thing's for sure, the nice eye-candy ones are getting more plastic every year. Thank God I don't have to deal with the crap I see my younger brothers deal with some of these idiot young bitches, unless you're into that of course. I have one of those things called a wife (actually an awesome wife to be honest!), so can't be taking some of you single Joes around town like I used to, but if you come down with the GF or wife, my wife can party, so look me up. I'll have 2 of my 3 projects running by January, at which point we can get out more, as of lately I'm always tired as hell.
  8. Bill..... H A P P Y B - D A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Careful you don't lose anymore hair!
  9. And now.... introducing, the Convertible! (And IMO, looks WAY too much like an F-Car, but not quite enough , but not quite enough, therefore I WANT ONE!).....
  10. Looking fwd to your feedback on how the extra HP compares in with the extra weight!! We want some numbers!
  11. It is a Vbox, only the Jr. version with the functionality in one small device for the regular consumer.
  12. Happy B-Day all!! So where and when are we celebrating tomorrow!!
  13. Damn... and I thought I was pretty tough at a stock 7.5!! Nice figures... if it wasn't for the weight, it would probably have better standing start and corning/handling numbers as well.
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