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  1. I believe there is a relay that controls it.
  2. I love the SVJ, but I just dont think its worth 200k more than an SV at this point.
  3. Damn.... and there I was telling everyone I was friends with a huge Youtube star.....
  4. Im on the fence on the SV, vs an S or an earlier 13+ . On one hand I really like the Sv and its huge wing, on the other hand, I really like the clean lines of the normal Avey with the pop up wing...
  5. Urus is definitely selling. Only car I see coming and going at the dealers. See them all over. Personally Im a big fan of them. On the flip side you never see any Bentayga or Cullinan.
  6. I agree on values. Thats why Im waiting to see what happens, but getting itchy for a new ride.
  7. I spoke to a few people about it, and they felt it should be ok, however going 2wd would be your safest option.
  8. Destructo, How do we change his Potential Spam heading? I went into Cp and couldnt find it.
  9. Any suggestions on other things to do in the area? Last year went to Pagani. Was ok, but its very small and not really a big deal to do again. Ill also go by The Ferrucio Lamborghini Museum again. Ferrari will probobly do the museum tour again but did that last year. I havent looked into going to the factory? Any other places? What about like the main square that I think was dedicated to Ferrucio?
  10. Unless you are working for the dealer and trying to give the car exposure, anyone with 2 working eyes would see that car and walk away. Its a full restoration candidate. Id second guess paying $80k for it. But since youve got such big man feet, STEP UP AND BUY IT
  11. Definitely agree that the SVJ looks better than the SV. I just wonder whether its worth 2x the price... or for that matter if a SV is worth 150k over a 2013.
  12. In these renders I think it looks great. Cant wait to see how much of it carries over to the Aventador replacement. The back of this car looks amazing. I wonder how rear visibility will fair? That being said I think Lambo is making a huge mistake going hybrid. The cars will take on a massive depreciation hit after warranty runs out. Look at the costs involved with cars like the P1 and 918. No one in their right mind is going to want to spend that kind of cash on a car that will more than likely border on a production run of 20,000 cars.
  13. I think you can flash any 2013+ Aventador to those SV specs though?
  14. So, been researching Aventadors and from what Ive seen the special edition models seem to be better handling, but necessarily faster in a straight line. Ive lso spoken to a few people who have owned a few variants, and for example one who owned a 2012 and an SV, preferred the 2012 due to the harsher shifts. The SVJ is awesome, but at this point its almost 2x the price of a nice used SV... Then again regular Aventadors are dropping like rocks as well. Is an SV worth the premium over a nice 2013+ ?
  15. I looked at Jerry Rices Diablo here in Scottsdale for my cousin. That car was a steaming hot pile of shit. I were a size 13 and have no issues with my Diablo peddle box.
  16. Congrats on the Murcielago! Make sure you keep it on a battery tender. If the battery is a little low it will also through check engine light.
  17. Not sure where you saw some of these prices, but the Countach for example did not go for 185k.. It sold for $288k all in. People all go running for the hills when these cars dont meet estimates set by auction houses. The issue is #1. Even though many of these cars look great in pics, in many instances they are far from it. #2. Auction house estimates are meant to get buyers to cosign their cars. Why would a 1300 mile SV, do 435-525k, when they are forsale all day asking $399k with actual sales prices being lower than that.
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