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  1. The last thing on my mind with any of my cars is the thought of the next owner. The guy with the Countach and blower idea should recreate it exactly as it was, since it is a kitcar.
  2. Nice. His setup is much more advanced than mine. Cant believe its been 20 years since I did mine. Wonder what kind of 60-130 #s it does.
  3. Very cool. I think there is a Huracan in South Florida running nitrous in the 9s. I loved my old SV with nitrous.
  4. Congrats dude! Post some pics! Car covers appear here ever so often. Hopefully someone has one. I have an extra one for a Gallardo, but that wont fit your Diablo.
  5. Rubber pedal. The metal ones have simply removed the rubber.
  6. Ive actually gone to look at this car, and it is amazing. I love everything about it, but the price. Andrettis First Countach is also forsale at Motorcar Gallary.
  7. I think all else is the same.
  8. Be kinda cool. Pull up to people and smoke new exotics.
  9. Allan-Herbie

    Lambo wreck

    Dont drive over 100mph on Sepulveda. Not only did he kill himself, but his passanger.
  10. 720S is definitely quicker than a Huracan. But quicker doesnt mean better.
  11. Manual transmission ftw.
  12. He asked about a specific group of cars.
  13. Why was this URUS running so much slower than the white one you tested? Still great to see. I love the Urus.
  14. Their gains were not very significant.
  15. I also like this channel alot : Top Speed
  16. I think the TCU only picks up speed signals from the Ecu in order to shift the car in areas like auto mode. The TCU handles all the transmissions functions.
  17. You may still be able to flash the motor. So far from seeing the results I think the fastest Aventadors may be the regular bodied editions, with updated tunes.
  18. Not at all, that was me being nice. Dubai was shit. Would never go back.
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