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  1. I just dont know. I do think the wing looks better on a car with bravos, then it does the regular wheels.
  2. I almost bought that car in the early 2000s.
  3. I saw it today for the first time. Didnt drive it, but sat in it, started it.. Initially feeling is that it is very roomy and comfortable. Much more so than the Countach and Testarossa. Clutch engagement is fine, but the throttle seems very stiff. Build quality is not up to the Countach or Testarossa. Very on the fence with the wing. Everyone telling me to keep it, versus this is the one car Ive always envisioned without one.
  4. 85,000 km and the least desirable Diablo made.
  5. No.. Mine is a kit made of metal that fully opens... lights work etc. This is a resin model, nothing opens.
  6. 1:8 scale https://cldc.store/products/gt-spirit-1-8-lamborghini-countach-lp500-qv-showcase-box-rosso-siviglia-gts80031-resin-car-model
  7. I definitely like a few of the pieces!
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