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  1. We like beer and wine so that sounds like a good place to stop!
  2. We are heading out to Vegas in April. Seen the shows and all that..... I want to rent a Lambo while there spend a day or two out seeing the sites away from the strip. After looking at a few places Royalty seems to have the best deals as far as rates, mileage and selection. Does anyone here have a connection to them? Ever used them? Have a better recommendation? We've been a few times.... I know some of you have been dozens of times, if anyone has suggestions for places to visit (site seeing, eating or whatever) within a 50 mile range of the strip I would live to hear them. Thank you in advance.
  3. Car looks GREAT! Looking forward to seeing it all come together!
  4. We will include you both in our prayers.
  5. We are getting it here now. I-75 and part of 64 have been a cluster today. Glad you got one last ride to enjoy the countryside! Car looks great as always
  6. I hope everyone had a safe and healthy New Year's, and wish everyone a successful 2017
  7. I told you! (like 2 years ago). Biggest regret I had was not doing it sooner! Glad to hear it went well!
  8. What color is your car? IMO, really dark windows on a dark color causes them to lose some of their sexy lines.
  9. And newsflash... I think ALL women get "something from" or "like" sex (as well as men). [/size] [/size] ^^^This. Yes.^^^
  10. Yes, that pic is well over 5 years old I know. It was taken in Lexington, Ky. Was just curious if it was the same F50. We haven't had "a lot" of those around here
  11. That pic was taken back in Lexington. The silver Viper belonged to a Class III dealer friend. I believe at that time he had: F40 F50 360CS CGT GT3 RS Insane is right!
  12. Was it this F50 belonging to JD I believe who now lives in Nashville?
  13. I love them! It's become my "chance of rain" day bike!
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