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  1. Yep. Still. You pay for the car, I'll get "Hello Kitty" as my personalized tag.....lol. I don't give a sh*t!!!! It's still a Veyron!!!! Lol
  2. I been meaning to get back with you when I'm in the area. I'll shoot you a PM.
  3. That's enough for me! Leaving Louisville now, won't be back till Saturday afternoon....
  4. Wasn't it for sale on here forever ago? All sorts of things started coming to surface about it? Maybe it wasn't being transparently represented? What happened to VegasSE? I might be confusing a couple different cars, it's been some time ago.
  5. The work done on the VI 6.0 was great! In for the build.
  6. The I-65 stretch through Louisville is the same..... Blue or Black 5.0s unmarked have someone stopped every week when i'm there....
  7. Car is looking really good man! There isn't much more fun than modding your car! Enjoy it and be safe!
  8. I would love to return home from being away to my CGT all covered in dust! Those are the kinda problems I want
  9. 30-45 days.....Save 20K...... Thats a win!!!!
  10. Thank you for the kind words. I started updating the build thread, didn't realize I hadn't finished it...
  11. Seen this brought up in another thread, realized I never finished it.... Now I could start to see it come to life....
  12. lol........ Seriously. People live outside middle earth?
  13. For the life of me, I can't get past 40K for welding and paint on a G...... to fix it the "right" way
  14. Unbelieveable..... I had an 03 Cobra, made 640 at the rear wheels...... Never had any issues...... Was actually a fun car to drive....(especially before the tires heated up) At one point I said screw it and started running Hoosiers all the time...
  15. Still one of my favorite Murci's of all time. What happened to it, do you know where it is now?
  16. Pretzel_Guy

    New Toy

    Bike looks great! i'm noticing a theme with all of your vehicles.........
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