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  1. DRS

    Jeremy Clarkson Powered UP DOWNLOAD

    I remember seeing him on 60 minutes, and he said that for him the most important thing about a car for him is that it has soul.....and that he loves the clk black series and owns one - extremely interesting how little time he gave to the GT2 RS and that the 1 series M garnered his highest praise. I think i need to drive one of those to see what all the fuss is about
  2. DRS

    Lost my dad this morning

    There are no words, but I am so sorry for your loss.
  3. DRS

    Range Rover Evoque

    Agree about the lag....it is present. Disagree on the ride...I think its better than any other rover product 'on road' but I guess thats just personal preference. But the cost cutting is present, as VCR pointed out compared to a full spec'd RR, there are shortcomings.......but for the price I think it is a frontrunner. Like I mentioned for my wife....it was hands down the best for what she was looking for....and indeed she was cross shopping X3, Audi q5, Lexus Rx GLK etc. those are its competitors. Seems Motor trend has has named it SUV of the Year:
  4. DRS

    Range Rover Evoque

    We just took delivery of my wife's evoque. The size is perfect for her and is exactly what she wanted. Its true the ride is by far the best on road drive of any land/range rover, although not the fastest by any stretch.....all the reviews are quoting 7 flatish it's no barn burner but completely adequate for her. We got white with a light interior, I think it looks awesome and she loves it. After the winter we may paint the wheels black, we'll see. And it is a bummer the roof doesn't open but he massive glass panel is a great feature.
  5. DRS

    Happy Birthday Webster132

    October is the best! We had our sons 4th bday party today. Did you have a crazy party too
  6. DRS

    GTR wins "worlds greatest drag race"

    This was a drag race all all at the same time all side by side, so it's pretty cool to see 11cars all dragging at on e in the video. And this race was just the icing on the cake for the article trying to find the best drivers car of the year. They do it Every year, hence the gt3rs an no turbo S. Some interesting comments by the prodriver about each car.
  7. DRS

    Happy B-Day AJGlobal!!!

    Happy bday, doing anything special?
  8. DRS

    Top Gear - Season 17

    Yeah it lost the drag race but won the comparison test against the RS3. there is an accompanying article to that vid
  9. DRS

    911 GT3 RS 4.0.

    fcuk do I want this car, but this maybe a car that u need one to drive and one to hold onto!
  10. DRS

    Supercharged LP560

    Still waiting to hear about experiences with VF's work. Anyone?
  11. DRS

    Who'd Ya Rather?? LOL

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we need WAY MORE PICS!
  12. DRS

    Favorite hiphop song so far for 2011

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned 'Daddy's Lambo' by Yelawolf It's killer!
  13. DRS

    Italy In April... Suggestions

    As said you can't go wrong your staying in great places, email with the concierges to get stuff we up, -we had a great time staying in the countryside in tuscany, there are great villas and bed and breakfast all around the diff regions. Tour vineyards etc. We enjoyed some downtime relaxing there.
  14. DRS

    The winner of the bachelor blows Megan Away

    Rick hendick must be beside himself!
  15. DRS

    Porsche GT2 RS3

    Im a Canuck, but we Just got a family vacation home there. We were there for 2 weeks, now my sister in laws family is there for a bit. Still getting the lay of the land. Went to exotics on 5th show, visited some car dealerships. I just got rid of my Elise sc, and am deciding on what's next for a sports/track car and the currency exchange makes US cars very attractive. We may go back one more time before summer, but nothing set yet.