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  1. I am looking at the Ocean out my window from Miami Beach in the South of 5th "high rise" area. I decided to stay and see how it goes. Worst case scenario, the lobby or garage will be safe. The garage 15ft above the street. If I can grab some good footage I will upload it here.
  2. So this is what incompetence looks like? 1. supreme court nomination 2. withdrawl from TPP 3. illegal border crossings - down 4. construction of border wall starting in summer ---- > (edit) STARTED! 5. destruction of over-regulation 6. manufacturers coming back/staying 7. Dow - up 8. market - up 9. debt decreased by 100B 10. manufacturing - up 11. jobs - up 12. Dems/Liberals - exposed 13. the disaster known as Obamacare crashing - exposed
  3. The democratic, anti trump (Anti-American) crowd is an embarrassment to the nation. We finally have a real president with some balls, willing to drive us back to superpower status, drop our tax rate, shine up the BS healthcare system, strengthen our military all while kicking out the illegal scum and this group just wants to undermine any real progress. I feel like I am being "punked." daily. If you are a tax paying citizen of this country with half a brain you should support your country above and beyond the party lines. All the crying is blatant ignorance and disrespect.
  4. Fortitude, providing some fact based logic that backs up your statement about Amazon would be far better then posting comments that amount to flushable diarrhea. To many people spout out useless info masquerading as fact..
  5. I have a 2012 Ghost and its never broken down or been in the shop for anything but routine service. It is a solid car and I dont think a warranty is really necessary. I agree with Toofdoc though, in stock trim, they are very boring looking, at least to me.
  6. Fantastic video, thanks for sharing Mike!
  7. That happened in front of my office. I heard the car reving excessively and dismissed it as maybe a rental/tourist of some sort. When I went outside there was nearly 100 people staring, laughing, and taking pics. You could clearly see all the people that wanted nothing more then the worst to come of it.
  8. Looney - My wife went to Dr Revis for a revision/correction. His work started out above average and he is does seem to be a nice guy. After 6 months the wife developed capsular contractual which is fairly common we are told. Dr. R did another revision and the same thing happened yet again so there is that....... Do a Google search in Dr. Ray, stay far far away
  9. Advs on the black Ghost and Wald wheels on the white Ghost
  10. Everyone new Dwiggs was total trash. Have some dignity and just run away now. Its all over
  11. In order for Wiggs to be "Bought Out" he would actually have to produce something of value.........
  12. My comment about the "Nasa Engineers" was pure sarcasm as everything that came out of Wiggs mouth was total BS. Him and Swill are basically the same, all smoke and mirrors. His shop folded and I would imagine that he doesnt have the stones to show his face around here. Time snuffed him out.
  13. Doesnt Wiggs/CTD have all sorts of Nasa engineers working with them? Im shocked.....
  14. Yes, I listed it recently. Its been a fun car. The Ghost is a fun daily driver, so comfortable and perfect for almost all occasions. I am making some room for this 2013 White Rolls with the Wald treatment.
  15. I live around the corner from the Venetian. I think its a fantastic choice. Close to everything, great for jogging and biking etc. 1 thing I noticed is that property values are through the roof and all the developers are putting up new homes across much of the islands. I counted around 10 a few weeks ago.
  16. Thank you for the details. I will read up on this. Do you have a link to the sensors you used for the windows? Any connection issues with any of the sensors where they drop offline or anything like that? I wonder if an Ipad can be flush mounted and used as the control panel.
  17. Emanon - I would love to hear what you came up with for the components of your system. Did you go wired or wireless? I have been flirting with some of this stuff lately and its hard to decide who had what and what integrates with other items well. When you have a moment shoot us some details.
  18. I am a pre workout junky I guess you could say. I was using N.O. Explode from BSN for years. Recently I found a few better products. 1. Gameday by Mann - http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/man/game-day.html 2. Axiom by ANS - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CTWQ8C...=UTF8&psc=1 Aziom is by far an amazing product. Its my personal favorite. Not only does it deliver the energy and focus needed but its clean. No shakes or garbage like some of the older pre workout products. The energy will last at least 6 hours so be careful when you take it. No bloat and it also retards my appetite. Makes you wonder what exactly is in it!
  19. I love mine. I would have to imagine that there is much more room in the back over an S550. The ride is smooth and the style is 2nd to none. Great car.
  20. Abolfaz - I just got rear ended in my Rolls Ghost on Sunday as well. I have an attorney in Fort Lauderdale that has lots of good experience with DV claims that is going to go after the loss in value. If you want his contact info send me a message.
  21. Hahaahhaa - Of course it didnt happen - Excuses coming in 4,3,2,1.............
  22. I can wait to see how this unfolds. Lets see if the transporter will be delayed or some other fancy excuse will be provided as to why the Sunday hang will not include the LP1200-2 SVTT.
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