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  1. Griza

    Deadstyles of the rich and famous

    I read 76 RIP
  2. Griza

    52 Mispronounced Luxury Brand Names

    Never knew Por-sha was pronounced Por-Shay
  3. Griza

    Rally packing list... don’t leave home without it

    A hot girl that has an oral fixation/Daddy Issues lol
  4. Griza

    Need opinion on rear trunk spoiler

    Maybe a subtle roof spoiler if you have to have something...
  5. Griza

    LamboPower Sales Listing Policies

    There is a Lambo For Sale section and an Other Cars For Sale Section. Probably a good idea to keep both...
  6. Griza

    Exotic Motors Corp - Miami

    A friend of mine was friends with the person that was killed by the propelers. I have a direct view of Monument Island and I was on my balcony enjoying Easter Day when this happened. I didn't see or hear anything but a few weeks later my friend was telling me the story and now here it is in print.
  7. Griza

    Garage coming along

    Looks great, especially with your collection there. Care to share what else will be sleeping in the pen with Bulls and CGT?
  8. Griza

    Will I regret this in the morning?

    At least gives us some visual stimulation with some pics of this unicorn before you move on
  9. Griza

    Will I regret this in the morning?

    The reason...MB is a mesmerizing color. Unless the OP is making serious money on it, just sick of it or needs to sell it. I can't see replacing an MB 6sp LP640 with another LP640 especially egear. Maybe move to an Aventador if anything. Best of luck with whatever decision you make.
  10. Griza

    New toy

    Gorgeous, Congrats!
  11. Griza

    Twins always wanted a matching set

    Doesn't really get a whole lot better that that combo
  12. If you haven't seen Brooke's video on the Infamous Dezervator, Take a look at his video.. The auction is not for this penthouse in the video. If there is any possible interest in the unit, please feel free to message me for more information. Wealthy Polish investor to auction Porsche Design unit with no reserve Porsche Design unit 3605 and listing agent Marc Hameroff A wealthy Polish investor is looking to sell his unit at Porsche Design Tower with an auction house after trying his hand at the flooded luxury condo market. AD Royale, a company controlled by Dariusz Robert Wojdyga and his wife Agnieszka Gasior, owns the three-bedroom, 4,794-square-foot unit on the 36th floor of the Sunny Isles Beach condo tower, at 18555 Collins Avenue. The couple is working with their listing agent, Marc Hameroff of Engel & Völkers Miami, and Concierge Auctions is holding the auction July 27 to July 31 to sell unit 3605. There is no reserve. Wojdyga sold his stake in the Polish beverage company Hoopa for 230 million Polish Zlotys in 2008, according to the publication Business Polska. Today that equates to more than $64 million. Wojdyga also has a stake in Opera TFI, an investment manager, Polish travel website and baby products company EcoWipes, also based in Poland, the publication said. The Porsche Design unit hit the market in October for $8.9 million. The couple paid $6.7 million for the condo in March 2017. “I think that to shake up the market because there’s so much inventory out there we have to do something to stand out,” Hameroff said. “In a very short period of time … You’re creating urgency.” Hameroff said the unit has not been lived in and it was only recently completed with Interiors by Steven G. Features include a designer kitchen with Miele appliances and motorized cabinets, a master bathroom with a stone spa bath and Dornbracht fixtures, according to a press release. Dezer Development completed the 132-unit, 60-story tower in November 2016. The building is known for its “Dezervator,” a patented car elevator that takes residents up to their units in their cars. A number of owners have tried to flip their units since closing on them less than two years ago.
  13. Griza

    Peformante Down

    I heard the gas landed on the hot engine of the HP and it lit up immediately
  14. Griza

    Huracan Performante SE30 Homage Edition

    Looks fantastic..I agree with NRG about the front but other than that, looks great.
  15. Griza

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Such an intense blue, Absolutely incredible looking.