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  1. If anyone reads the above report you will note that 60% of active shooters are stopped or kill themselves before the police can respond. That means you're on your own for protection in the majority of these scenarios!
  2. OK, I did some digging. This seems to be one of the most comprehensive and reasonably objective studies of active shooter incidents available from 2000-2013. According to this FBI study, they have indeed trended upward since 2000, both in frequency and in lethality. They do not discuss the trends from before 2000 but it does provide a recent snapshot of the trends. There are many other interesting facts in this report, including the fact that around 5% of these incidents were stopped by lawfully armed citizens and/or off-duty police officers. A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the US Between 2000 - 2013 (This is from the DOJ and FBI)
  3. One thing that sticks out to me about spree shootings is that the deadliest school shooting in US history was in 1927. Everyone would guess Columbine, VA Tech, etc. But it was during the Coolidge administration. I'm not sure if that means they're really not that much more common now or not, but it does expand ones view of these things.
  4. Sure, but this was a coordinated multi-shooter attack, so the possibility of it being coordinated by a known terrorist organization seems a bit higher than the "lone wolf" style incidents.
  5. Our homicide rate is at a 20-year low, that much is irrefutable. Gun ownership during the same period is certainly not trending downward. In fact, "Black Friday" set a record for NICS checks in the US.
  6. Mine just came in too! I'm going to see it today.
  7. Nice styling touches! The LP550-2 is great to drive, I'm sure this will be even better. Any word on pricing?
  8. I saw the movie last night. Overall, I thought it was visually striking, especially the opening sequence in Mexico City. That was one of the most vibrant, engaging, well-coordinated cinematography I've ever seen in an action film. Unfortunately, I struggled to stick with it from there. My complaints: 1) The product placement has always been an essential part of the Bond brand -- the car, the watch, the clothing, the guns/gadgets, etc. It's starting to become too obvious. Moneypenny opens a nicely wrapped Samsung phone for no reason, the watch gets mentioned specifically, etc. I should not consciously notice most of these placements. They're supposed to be cool because we have to figure out what that amazing watch Bond was wearing, not have a little commercial for it mid-movie. 2) The DB10. It looks great, it sounded great, but the fact that it wasn't a real car ruined my suspense of disbelief. I can't remember another Bond movie where the car wasn't something you could go out and buy (obviously without the missiles and Q additions). The fact that this "concept" was in the movie made it feel fake and fantastical to me. The villain chasing him in another non-production car just makes it worse. This isn't supposed to be a super hero with a futuristic nonexistent car. I want to drool over the latest Bond car in a showroom after I see the movie. Also, I realize no secret agent would really be issued a quarter-million dollar supercar, but they really really wouldn't be issued a "stand out anywhere" concept car nobody has ever seen. This really bothered me. 3) The Bond girls. The widow scene with Monica Bellucci came across as cheesy to me. The other girl wasn't a knockout looker like many of the past Bond girls. Her sudden change of heart about Bond seemed a bit constructed too. He's supposed to suave, not Austin Powers. (Echoing other comments) 4) The movie was too long. Cut 20-30 minutes out. 5) I'm not sure I like the new M or Q. Judy Dench and Desmond Llewelyn were so fantastic in those roles. I am not sold on the new ones yet. The younger Q has potential to be made into something really different and they just haven't let the character develop. He's just kind of a push-over lackey for Bond now? He didn't really develop any gadgets for this movie. Smart blood? Come on. All in all, I think Daniel Craig has added new dimension to the franchise, but this wasn't their best effort. I enjoyed it and I'm glad I saw it, but I hope they get it back on track next time around.
  9. I'm sorry to hear this news, RD. We'll miss you while you're gone. Our best to you and your family.
  10. The cars look great guys! I actually have a friend who competed and posted pics of the cars while she was down there...I knew the Lambos looked familiar!
  11. Sprite, let me know when yours comes in. I have been thinking about ordering one. (Don't we already have the same Aquaracers?)
  12. Thinking of everyone in that region, especially the VP crew and Jason. I hope the Mexican government is ready to assist the local communities if there are problems tonight.
  13. Look up Hickok45 on YouTube. He's got some great content for beginners. My personal opinion is that you should start with a Glock 19. It's a medium sized 9MM that does virtually everything well. It's a good carry gun, fun to shoot at the range, and it has a good balance of size, weight, price, capacity, and caliber.
  14. No. Look at the number of gun owners in the USA compared with the number of spree shooters. It's a fraction of a fraction of a percentage. "We" aren't anything.
  15. Looks good, nice cast!
  16. Why would anyone want to sell guns in San Francisco? That sounds about as fun as campaigning for small government at the welfare office.
  17. Good information and, almost more striking, 90K miles?! Wow!
  18. How many U.S. cars are we down to now?
  19. I'm late to the party. Congrats! Any SV is amazing but this color just sets it off!
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