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  1. Looks 100 times better than stock!
  2. Along with, -Force yourself to take a 20-30 minute jog/run an hour after you wake up to get the blood flowing. -Try avoiding sugary drinks as much as possible the night before. - Drink a few coconut water drinks throughout the day after your crazy night.
  3. Sprite, are you going to be down there for the entire week?
  4. Seems to get better every time I listen to it. Hardwell - Spaceman
  5. Yup, I'll be down there the 22nd-26th and staying on Collins. My event schedule so far: -Thursday Robbie Rivera on Nikki Beach -Friday Ultra(maybe) H50 Rooftop Party -Saturday Swedish House Mafia Sebastian Ingrosso -Sunday Ultra(maybe) Axwell at Surfcomber Hopefully I'll be able find Ultra passes before I get down there through stubhub or scalping at a "decent " price.
  6. Just out today. Otto Knows - Million Voices
  7. This song is going to be huge this summer. Soo much energy!
  8. Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics!
  9. Same here, I was expecting some kind of sick joke before I opened this up. Anyway, the wrap looks very neat and professionally done. I'm surprised by how well the interior and exterior colors work together.
  10. Anyone decide to buy one? Over the past two weeks I've been seeing them all over here in MD/DC.
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