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  1. marc

    Revozport PRE-LP Front bumper!

    me too me too!!!! i wanna know how much too! thanks guys
  2. marc

    Upgrading Widebody GTT

    great car... what fenders/bumpers are those?
  3. marc

    Anyone regret their TTG?

    yeah what are you talking about? i dont know anyone who has had an issue, Heff or UGR...i have heard of issue but not from people I know...and everyone I know of gets BEAT ON.....there are probably a dozen that I know of friends have...never any issues.
  4. marc

    Another unhappy Aventador owner

    +1 it not just the car....he is just fast the McLaren is sweet..
  5. marc


    how do i post phoptbucket pics? keeps saying not allowed, i know ive done it before
  6. marc

    Bicycle Stuff

    cool vid....looks like a blast! what kind of bike? I have a ton of OG vintage bmx stuff im looking to unload if your PK needs some friends
  7. marc

    Grigio Thalasso Superleggera

    i have a silver i like silver, but IMO that thing looks like ass
  8. im a little confused.... i see the need for the second set of injectors. are you running the AEM ECU as a piggy back or stand alone? i didnt think the AEM could run so many injectors? is this why i have seen 2 AEM's in some of the heffner cars? im assuming tha the second set of injectors are really just flooding the intake, raising the fuel ratio and this is why the angle of the injector isnt as important? also, with the BOV is the any concern with the size being so much smaller than the TB's? will it be able to pass pressure fast enough? or does it not really matter? also curious why you merged the two intake from the IC to the TB. is this strickly for the single BOV or is there other reasons? sorry for all the questions! great project! marc
  9. marc

    SL caught on fire

    Just an FYI...I saw the car today in person... The theory at this point is that the power steering reservoir which is mounted right there, about 4 inches above the manifold may have leaked. It was actually in the shop for "intermittent smoking".... It’s obviously trashed….
  10. i would think you are on the right path....different climates need differnt weights. now that your taloring it to your climate you might be playing with what works best in each case.
  11. marc

    Frustrating E-Gear Problem

    since its sits for 5 minutes and its fine, it is a 99% chance it is heat related, either the relay is getting hot (which they can) and failing....or the fluid is getting to warm and not working properly....FWIW this is my internet diag.
  12. marc

    SL caught on fire

    i was right down the street when this happened... i already called dibs.. makes ya wonder what the shop it was at was doing?
  13. marc

    Mr. Cabron's Forbes Diablo thread

    i looked and missed it..... sorry for the repost
  14. marc

    Mr. Cabron's Forbes Diablo thread

    in more ways than one i guess... sorry for the loss Jason..
  15. marc

    Mr. Cabron's Forbes Diablo thread

    The winds were clocked on 70-80.... The holes are from the poles and sticks from the tent, both large and small, which would have more velocity from falling than the wind. It was not pea gravel. I am kind of baffled that someone would think that…. The insurance responsibility lies with the car’s owner….I know that some people feel that it is Russo and steels. It isn’t. As far as “why tents…? Where’s the roof?” You’re kidding right? Have your seen the “tents” BJ is under a tent also…..and while they are only 2-3 miles away, the eye of the storm happened to be right where R&S was set up. While I am not trying to lessen the staggering loss of property….some of it really priceless…I just can’t believe or understand why everyone always feels the need to place blame and accountability… IT WAS A FUCKIN STORM THAT EVERYONE KNEW WAS COMING!!! If you where worried, you had like 12-18 hours to move your car.