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  1. what are you asking on each? I truly love your 91
  2. I also agree on the values sentiments. I have been browsing and Im on the fence. I really want the SV instead of the early year avys. But I'm not too sure if the difference in price is worth it. Also most dealers are holding strong with their pricings even though the cars have been sitting for long periods of time on their lots!
  3. Torn

    Picked up a new toy

    Awesome purchase! Enjoy her in good health. I'm 100% positive everything after that car will be slow as balls.
  4. Torn

    FedEx it.........

    What a beauty. Love that car
  5. You can write off the loss up to 3000; any losses higher than that can be pushed into subsequent years.
  6. Car looks insane! Can't wait to see them roaming around
  7. Holy tits batman! Love the build thus far! Shes gunna be a stunner
  8. Torn

    Huracán Performante

    This looks promising! Can't wait
  9. Enjoy her in good health! Shes def a stunner!
  10. Torn

    Dat ass!

    Car looks great brother! Shit is mental
  11. Yea I have never hit past like 40 gb lmfao.
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