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Driving at Indy


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Had the pleasure of driving at Indy this past weekend.


The inaugural event was reasonably well run. The corner workers were not used to a DE so things were a bit different with the flags - but it all worked out.

Two serious crashes late Saturday - one 911 into a tire wall, and one spun as it came onto the front straight and hit the wall backwards. Both drivers okay. Both cars totaled. Obviously any time you drive on a track there is risk.


I recently bought an annual, unlimited insurance policy for collision on the track. Any track. Any event (as long as it's not racing). If I do more than 9 events a year it'll be considerably less expensive than the previous insurance I was buying - AND - the deductible is only 5% (of declared value) instead of 10%. If anyone wants the info I'll be happy to share.


I was in an Oval garage. My friends were all in different garages - one in Oval and two in the GP garages. I met some amazing people. In my garage there were two women drivers - both physicians. One driving a race prepped 911R from KY and had her personal coach there for 3 days (from CT). Impressive. The other trailered her spec Miata from NC BY HERSELF. Her 15th event (ever) and only her second event with that car. Takes some balls! Great ladies, and I met some great guys too.


The GP course is WAY more fun than expected. Very low grip. Sliding everywhere which was half the fun. Very technical. Some corners were quite slow (2nd gear) and were entered from high speed. It was a fun mix and cool to be in such a storied place.


I took clients to Indy (Brickyard) and entertained from luxurious boxes. It was cool to drive down the front straight past the Pagoda and over the bricks (tires rumbled briefly each time) at a place where I was a spectator. We even kissed the bricks (no tongues). We also got to drive the full oval for a photo op crossing the bricks. We queued up 3 wide on pit road and then went single file onto the track. Slow speed - sometimes crawling but got up to 60 in several stretches which was fun. We spread out as we approached the start/finish and someone snapped a photo of each car. Haven't seen mine yet. Considered wearing my helmet to make it "look good" but who am I kidding? They also had a photographer taking "action" shots all weekend. I'm hoping there are a couple good ones for our garage.


I expected the circuit to be boring but it was fun and engaging.


The weather was amazing - low humidity and upper 70s - low 80s. Perfect!

Just arrived in my Oval garage




Porsche engine


Funny tee shirt


museum reception


Stamped concrete looks cool with logo


On the oval


front straight


Pagoda and bricks (that extend to start/finish) with friends


this car caught my eye - in a GP garage



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This was a Porsche club event but there were other marques there including a couple C7 Plastic mess-06, Mustang 302 Boss, Vipers, Subarus, etc. But predominantly Porsche because they gave preference to Porsches for early registration.


more - fun cars in the garages/paddock:








Sapphire blue GT4 in the garage directly opposite - got to drool all day long! Owner took delivery AT Indy that weekend!


Another GT4 delivered at Indy- dark blue metallic



When I first drove in sight of the track I said to the person in the right seat - I've never been to Italy but I imagine it's like seeing the Colosseum for the first time.

She said - "Yes - it is VERY much like that" :icon_super:


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Sure post up or PM the track insurance info. Not looking for a policy right now, but might in the future.
I'd appreciate a reference if you decide to use it so I'll PM the specifics


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Congrats! Glad you enjoyed it here in Indianapolis - that track truly is one of a kind. I highly recommend to all to try and make it to next year's 500 mile race, for the 100th running - it will be incredible. Also, the SVRA Vintage Race held in June (second year was this year) is a great event that is very open to the public (garages, etc) and is great bang for your buck if you have any sort of "vintage" race car (modern up to current era is even accepted in certain classes). They have sessions of oval racing as well as plenty on the GP course. I need to upload my photos to Flickr from the past two years, but it's getting better each year and I look forward to it almost more than the 500 itself.



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Great write up. And I believe that yellow onoe is a 993 Carrera RS, so no wonder it caught your eye!
Well....we weren't positive. I was with some guys who REALLY know these cars. They are connoisseurs of vintage Porsche. There was overspray on the car. That doesn't mean it's not legit - but it definitely had a paint job. One friend said he'd have to see documentation to believe it. Either way it's a very cool car.



Super cool. Wish I could drive on the track.
Why can't you?



You were in indy? And you didnt come visit me?





RD - I was on my way over when I realized I left all my ballistic body armor at home. I figured a pop-in without armor could be risky! Next time I'll be sure to give you a head's up in advance (and approach with both hands in the air :lol2: )


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Great write up. And I believe that yellow onoe is a 993 Carrera RS, so no wonder it caught your eye!
Here's a few more photos of the car in question:




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....Moar pics!
Here ya go!

Here is a link to a photographer's site. He was snapping pics all weekend. He has over 10,000 and a tiny fraction are in his gallery but he's adding some each day.





choose the Pagoda photo Gallery 1

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