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  1. Rawr

    Doctor thoughts needed

    MRi was done on the neck only so far though.
  2. Rawr

    Doctor thoughts needed

    She has temperature of 37.2-37.4 (99F) during the day but towards the night it returns to normal levels. Ibeprofen, paracetamol don't affect the temp. Pain killers in general don't affect the pain. phenazepam will take care of the nerves and relax, but muscle pain still stays but at least she can kind of get sleepy and fall asleep.
  3. Rawr

    Doctor thoughts needed

    Thanks for the reply but its completely fucked now. The other pain is gone but her neck (back area, not spine) hurt for about a month straight now. Docs keep telling her its her nerves, MRI didn't show anything. Yet pain is there, it spreads to trapezeus, to behind ears.. we aren't sure what to even do at this point. This pain also will make her arms or legs randomly numb.. its bizzare. I'm guessing it's a nerve pinch somewhere from stress that led to locked muscles, but where?
  4. Rawr

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    I'm pretty sure the guy was just curious and wanted to capture the moment... if I knew that I was safe on the other side of the door, I'd do the same, then walk through that door. But I don't have kids like you guys.
  5. Rawr

    Things that make you say DAMN!

    Holy shit this is insane. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CrYtP_1532689639
  6. Rawr

    Owner Occupied Advice?

    Curious to hear thoughts as Twin cities market is going crazy from what I hear from my friends. It is a lowkey great place to live, looks like people are OK with the cold now and are moving there now both internationally and US, wonder why they're picking MN.
  7. Rawr

    Doctor thoughts needed

    so she's freaked out its meningitis but her blood looked good, and i did that neck test and her knees didnt come forward.. freaking out crying all day.
  8. Rawr

    Doctor thoughts needed

    so..this is really getting wierd. this pain in the leg would come on suddenly once a month, usually around her period. last year it was pretty bad for like 7 days. So from last month on, this pain would go from foot to back - and this is like 20 days now. Again going to docs they do blood tests and give pain reliever IV's, but it doesn't help. So as of 5 days ago, leg is getting better but now her neck hurts, going into where head meets neck muscles in the back of the neck in that spot. Again, blood tests today, IV's, pain relievers like ibeprofen - nothing helps. If this is a pinched nerve, it should be affected by pain meds, no? She is basically in tears from all the stress and this dulling pain not going away for so long. And once again, either wait a long ass time for a section of MRI, or pay out of the pocket, but what part of the body to even target at this point.
  9. Rawr

    Things that make you LOL!

    Welcome to the 90s
  10. Rawr

    Things that make you LOL!

    paging BMWRacer
  11. Rawr

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Sick. Congrats.
  12. Rawr

    Where is the new ibiza?

    bumping this because Im drunk and miserable and I want to go to shit like this: Sonar was last week, my new apt has a view right onto it. I didn't go, but from what I've gathered it was OK, but it wasn't "it". Why the fcuk are people all "dancing" facing the same way, doing the same motion. This isn't a marching band. Fuckity fcuk. On one hand, older, wiser, more experienced. On the other - just give me the music and the hot girls, and fcuk it all. Did anyone go anywhere cool and fun in the last year couple years then?
  13. Rawr

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    Imagine how bitter we'd all feel if Clooney suicided. This shit affects people. I'm guessing AB relapsed into using and couldn't get through his head the good advice I'm sure many of the smart people he knew shared with him. fcuking A.
  14. Rawr

    Self employed / heath insurance

    In spain you get free ER. You go to a clinic otherwise and appointments are 2-6 monthsin advance. Unless you beg and pretend you are dying lol but a lot of people do that anyway. Same w russia but there there is a limited number of docs apps per day and everyone calls at 8am to get in line. You can get for check up xray within a week and month if you hustle. Thats all free care. I just found out $1000 in spain covers you for private no line bs. Iirc thats for a year. What does 40k income person pay in us now, or under 100k family?