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  1. Rawr

    Peru is amazing

    Get some alpaca sweaters
  2. Embrace technology, they said.
  3. uhh...so how far can you tow that thing? Can it make it to bahamas or NYC?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/davidecironi/videos?view=0&sort=p&flow=grid turn subtitles on some vids:
  5. https://www.pcgamer.com/the-secrets-behind-the-exquisite-handling-of-forza-motorsport/
  6. stories lost throughout the years... i still want to know Shyla Stylez/ other pornstar stories from LP members
  7. Congrats. you gotta do a night vid just like that but with a hundred kids standing there watching it, it's gonna make them all believe in aliens
  8. I don't remember which comic had this thought, but it was a good one - basically that Kanye's whole thing has been trying to prove to people that he's cool DESPITE himself. His ego is so big he had to prove to people who didn't believe in his rapping, then clothing, then the Trump hat - it is his own ego telling him to play the 'can i push this shocking thing to 'Im cool'? as a challenge to my own self importance'. This wheel choice seems to fit.
  9. It makes more sense if finance major was 100k a year but history major was 7k a year. That would allow the diversity in new graduates, instead of forcing the market into stem population. The other wrinkle is AI acceptance down the line, which will toss in a wrinkle for jobs. The other thing missing in your theory is that college student services will feed the students the "don't worry about switching your major, most students change 2-3 times" and the fact that the kid has no idea what he wants to do at 18, generally, and even post college the correlation between your major and your career is, I'm not sure what statistically, but less than 40% is my guess.
  10. http://www.thingsmygirlfriendandihavearguedabout.com/
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackfriedman/2019/02/25/student-loan-debt-statistics-2019/#32d6d697133f As of 2017, here is the breakdown of student loan borrowers by age. < 30-years-old: 16.8 million 30-39: 12.3 million 40-49: 7.3 million 50-59: 5.2 million 60+: 3.2 million but wait theres more: As of 4Q 2018, this is the breakdown of the Direct Loan Portfolio by loan status. Almost $140 billion of student loans are in-school, while more than $620 billion currently are in repayment. More than $100 billion of Direct Loans are considered cumulative in default across 5 million borrowers. In-School: $137.7 billion (7.4 million borrowers) Grace Period: $43.9 billion (1.7 million borrowers) Repayment: $623.7 billion (17.8 million borrowers) Deferment: $124.3 billion (3.7 million borrowers) Forbearance: $111.1 billion (2.6 million borrowers) Cumulative in Default: $101.4 billion (5.1 million borrowers) So 18mil are paying back. but 12mil (last 3) are not quite. What they should have been teaching us in public school is that you gotta get the girl with the rich parents pregnant asap.
  12. Nothing will change, prep school/top schools are for the connections. Case in point - I am reading https://www.amazon.com/Billion-Dollar-Whale-Fooled-Hollywood/dp/031643650X and it was talking about the importance of getting your Asian kids into the right british prep schools. Where before it was Rotshchilds later it was royalty from middle east that sent kids there. Fascinating book in all that dude really did a number on everyone.
  13. Santa is here. I anticipate prices will jump back up after 6th as sale is over. just make an account and order, yoox is very legit. click exactly this link. if you search anything else you'll be out of the secret zone and discounts wont be as big, but you can still try searching on main site see what prices are there for this brand https://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/automobili%20lamborghini_d#/d=12009&dept=fmlfrnds1&gender=U&page=1&mysizes=205:6,7&season=X&sort=3 ok heres main section for same brand, actually good prices as well https://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/automobili%20lamborghini_d#/d=12009&dept=men&gender=U&page=1&mysizes=205:6,7&season=X&sort=3
  14. this will be heartwarming to the men
  15. the new posts look is KILLING this forum for me. is there really no alternative old style view?
  16. So we went from 50 messages to i believe 500 before, now we're back to 50 and can't send any if ours is full.
  17. Saw both in miami. Rolls looked awkward at first but on vid looks nice. Notice wow factor from passing by guys in their 40s on the Urus 9A4BCCB4-8D7D-4D7A-9A46-F20E27692A0D.MOV 4BED9E8C-FD6C-48C0-B135-99816806FB3D.MOV
  18. I am not political and this is great - US just fcuking Maduro, so swift, so quick. He's probably on that plane back to Russia/Turkey right now to live as an ex-dictator. The thing to understand is that Ive dated a Venezuelan gf 8 years ago and shit was bad THEN, and it was getting exponentially worse by month. I saw a report from 6 months ago from a guy who travels to the worst places as a videoblogger and he was impressed with how fucked Venezuelan people's lives were. So there is no downside, none, for the people of that country. I understand its a money play for the countries involved, but for once the citizens have everything to gain.
  19. I know for a fact one of the rich guys on here (doesnt post anymore) would tell me he is never paying his medical bills.... When you have money, it's easier to get money from people who have money that you run into to fund the project. For the rest of us, better not fcuk up because I saw the graphs - 30 day late stops mattering after IIRC 1-2 year, 60 days is like 3+
  20. not netflix but The Terror is pretty fcuking great. It's a bit depressing given the situation of 2 ships being stuck in Arctic ice with a monster fcuking them up, but the acting, plot twists are good.
  21. Didnt read this all, but know a bit. you have within 30 days of the 30 day to file a dispute based on a law cant recall it but 763 i think is it. google it. write out everyone in your OP and mail them. Creditkarma isnt a real score, so it doesnt matter what they say as they can be as far off as 80 pts. You get fico8 real score through discover , can get experian free through experian, or pay them to see all 3.
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