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  1. I am not political and this is great - US just fcuking Maduro, so swift, so quick. He's probably on that plane back to Russia/Turkey right now to live as an ex-dictator. The thing to understand is that Ive dated a Venezuelan gf 8 years ago and shit was bad THEN, and it was getting exponentially worse by month. I saw a report from 6 months ago from a guy who travels to the worst places as a videoblogger and he was impressed with how fucked Venezuelan people's lives were. So there is no downside, none, for the people of that country. I understand its a money play for the countries involved, but for once the citizens have everything to gain.
  2. Rawr

    Need help adjusting settings for unread posts

    the new posts look is KILLING this forum for me. is there really no alternative old style view?
  3. So we went from 50 messages to i believe 500 before, now we're back to 50 and can't send any if ours is full.
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    New Owner-Gallardo LP560-4

  5. Rawr

    rolls suv

    Saw both in miami. Rolls looked awkward at first but on vid looks nice. Notice wow factor from passing by guys in their 40s on the Urus 9A4BCCB4-8D7D-4D7A-9A46-F20E27692A0D.MOV 4BED9E8C-FD6C-48C0-B135-99816806FB3D.MOV
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    Credit score question...

    I know for a fact one of the rich guys on here (doesnt post anymore) would tell me he is never paying his medical bills.... When you have money, it's easier to get money from people who have money that you run into to fund the project. For the rest of us, better not fcuk up because I saw the graphs - 30 day late stops mattering after IIRC 1-2 year, 60 days is like 3+
  7. Rawr

    good netflix shows?

    not netflix but The Terror is pretty fcuking great. It's a bit depressing given the situation of 2 ships being stuck in Arctic ice with a monster fcuking them up, but the acting, plot twists are good.
  8. Rawr

    Credit score question...

    Didnt read this all, but know a bit. you have within 30 days of the 30 day to file a dispute based on a law cant recall it but 763 i think is it. google it. write out everyone in your OP and mail them. Creditkarma isnt a real score, so it doesnt matter what they say as they can be as far off as 80 pts. You get fico8 real score through discover , can get experian free through experian, or pay them to see all 3.
  9. Rawr

    top dance/electronic/ trance/ house songs

    James Bond is the dj!
  10. Rawr

    Things that make you LOL!

  11. will watch, thanks for filming it
  12. Rawr

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Was sold out 3 shows at the same time when I went, the theater made us wait 15 mins for all the potential people to come. It was...brutal. It stays with you. Really didn't want to put myself into anyone's shoes as I watched it. Really glad I saw it in a theater. That war was bizarre, and it was THE greatest war. Without Stalin and Hitler WW2 is not that great. Some good WW1 stuff: https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/weird-weapons-and-other-surprising-objects-from-the-first-world-war https://list25.com/25-interesting-things-you-did-not-know-about-world-war-i/ (german tranches were for long term.. genius. Why change location when you can just let them come and be defending same position. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-i/mysteries-controversies-wwi.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/0/26936615 (click links under)
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    Cheating on Lambo today

    where did u move to?
  14. Rawr

    California Fires

    Kinnesela, nice post. Damn, you really need to have money to live in California in a nice place.
  15. Rawr

    California Fires

    how much % off is the land after something like this?
  16. Rawr

    Recession coming?

  17. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Anyone else got a feeling it's not too far away??
  18. Rawr

    Patek 20% off.

    Not sure if good deal, someone can chime in. https://www.jomashop.com/patek-philippe-watch-5170r-010.html?utm_medium=cpa&utm_campaign=4485850&utm_source=CJ&cjevent=ef2e9a86e86a11e882c000580a240614
  19. Rawr

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    Checked 4 of those, 50% losses in last month. Whats up w weed stocks?
  20. Rawr

    Miami Hotel Recommendations?

    Why not take them to the alligator alley and see alligator farms? Thatd be more fun than walking on south beach imo. There is also this small natural park with all sorts of animals, peacocks, birds, etc thats like being in lord of the rings
  21. You saying you're cheating on us? I see what you're saying. For example when I had a lexus, I'd go to a lexus forum for technical info only. Forum died a few years prior for the social part of it, it appeared. But this is a lamborghini forum - a lot more encompasses lamborghini lifestyle than technicals. Even putting instagram posts guys here post on their IG, also on LP as a post, would create some discussion. For some guys this is the only forum/ chat thing they use. Also there is no way for young guys to get on the inside unless they're fathers are connected to learn something. Maybe I'm holding on too tight but damn, you aren't gonna learn shit about life on IG.
  22. but when new car came, you did spend a shit load of time on facebook, where years ago you'd be here getting pages of replies.
  23. Rawr

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    id short some company i dont like into oblivion, starbucks could be one
  24. Rawr

    Recession coming?

    Does anyone have the numbers on what happened to median income during the last 10/5 years? Megachad mentioned wages have gone up, and while I see literally every place is $12/hr now up to $15, I find it hard to believe that people that made 40-50k 10 years ago now make 60-70k.