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  1. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    So, something is happening. Hold tight and everyone try not to cry.
  2. capt_chaos

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    But with the SVJ on the market and that same market place has plentiful supply of AV S and S roadsters who is going to order one of those? The SVJ is all that will be going down the production line because that is all people want - the order books dictate it. If you ran lambo would you still allocate costs for parts and resources on a product no one is buying? They are a business and have to operate in that way. The old days of 12 cars a year and manual gearboxes are gone.
  3. capt_chaos

    The Porsche 919 beats F1 car...

    A few things. The recent Spa race the top three all broke that record. Also and I am not belittling the monster that this Porsche is but the warm up lap consisted of the 919 driving out of the pits and then turning left driving a few corners back then turning around and starting the lap with a run up. That is because the tyres would not last a warm up lap and a hot lap.
  4. capt_chaos

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Jaysus, that is ban talk. In all seriousness there are valid points but these youtubers are doing it to each and every brand they show a bit of upskirt to. Point towards a youtuber and I can guarantee there are clickbait videos ahoy whilst the same time they claim they are not flippers. It the attention whoring they need to do to breathe in their industry. But it is not just youtubers claiming they are on the list for the SVJ and claiming they are getting one. People in this thread claim it too.
  5. capt_chaos

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Because as a new buyer you want to buy a lesser model, one that does not meet your expectation? That shit is pulled by Ferrari and we all moan about that. There is no easy answer, Porsche USA seem to have a good touch on this issue but it is not faultless solution.
  6. capt_chaos

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Oh man that would be great. How are those deals looking?
  7. capt_chaos

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Nope. The sad thing about the SVJ is that bar any Pagani-esque final final editions this is the end of the Aventador. This is the apotheosis of the Av. The grand fanfare. The big buxom bitch with the show stopping voice is limbering her vocal chords. Which means the replacement will be the base spec model. The blank canvas to start on. No wings, no needless flaps and stripes. We start the circle of discontentment again. We see the mules, we see the renders... we see the specifications... we see the names... the nay-sayers neigh... the lovers love... the circle continues.
  8. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    Things I hate in the office; mouth breathers and mechanical keyboards. Just get a typewriter already
  9. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    Oh Rory, get use to everyone having all the problems and it is just this site...
  10. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    The ninja killed us all
  11. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    Also, another action, can you ban Porter?
  12. capt_chaos

    Lambo Power Update Coming

    YEESSSSH Finally
  13. capt_chaos


    Never heard of her.
  14. capt_chaos

    N/A V12 Brinksmanship

    Ferrari vs Lambo. Who will blink first?
  15. capt_chaos

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    Demons are illogical. Our company have guided a few members of the team through some mental health training recently. Some of the stats and outcomes that have come out of this have been staggering. For example Schizophrenia, 1% of the US's population are diagnosed with the disease and the impact upon the human body is one of the greatest of any disease. When you look at Boudain's life it has been riddled with sex drugs and iced rolls. If you look at those activities in a logical way then they are selfish. To write off depression and the outcome Bourdain took as selfish, being logical it is. But when you look at it from the victims viewpoint, where they feel they have no other strategy in life, they see no light or reason to be positive, their source of joy eradicated and removed from their life then they take the action they feel is logical and right to them at that time. Whilst many will have their viewpoint that depression is a nonsense or what Bourdain did was selfish, take some time to talk to those really affected to try and understand what they have gone through.