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  1. MrDoctor

    Who knows of the magic hangover cure pill?

    Off topic but totally am with this. Never felt better. Mid 20s I drank every weekend. When I hit 30 I quit 100%. I would deal with the hangover because throwing tons of NSAID at my liver/kidneys and after drinking wasn't ideal. But for me. If I would need to wake up early the next day or be productive: Try to eat food while drinking and drink 1 glass of water with every drink. I would then drink Pedialyte or Gatorade . And take Ibuprofen before bed. If none of those pickle juice/olive juice before bed and lots of water at the bedside. Generally the type of drink had an effect on me so i would stick to less hoppy beers or clear liquor. But the water is important. The next morning. Some soup/a good breakfast worked for me. I would get some PHO or Menudo/Pozole (something salty ) to help. Also. Day drinking was never an issue. I could totally drink early and be fine later on. Drinking before bed killed me. If I had a couple drinks then went to sleep the next morning was terrible.
  2. MrDoctor

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    The new look is too clean. Confusing. I actually liked the only black/yellow theme. Also, can we get a "view new posts" button? K. Thnx. Bye.
  3. MrDoctor


  4. MrDoctor

    Will I regret this in the morning?

    Monterey Blue. LP640. Manual. Hard top. You probably have one of the most desirable Murci's imo. I would hang onto it if you really enjoy it and want something rare. I think you will regret it. Plus, the roadster, with the top being a PITA, makes the car more of a hassle to enjoy. I would get something more practical to scratch the itch for a roadster and hang onto the Murci.
  5. MrDoctor

    Final Perf spyder pics promised!

    Dayum! That color is amazing. Car looks perfect. Congrats!
  6. True quote. In a way, I'm glad that dude got punched because around here there are way too many PC people that will whip out a cell phone and egg you on to try to get you to act out so they can post it on their FB/IG/Twitter/Snap. Kicking my car? Hell nah! People really think they can do that with no repercussions? On the other hand, dude, what is he trying to prove? Take it up with insurance, move on. Its a damn R8, total beater car .
  7. MrDoctor

    Doctor thoughts needed

    Wishing you a speedy recovery J !
  8. MrDoctor

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    Fuk man. I just turned 30 and I'm starting to think about the idea, but it scares me. Same feelings as you.
  9. MrDoctor

    Anthony Bourdain Won't Be Cooking Dinner Tonight...

    How many people actually think before having children, though? Actually plan out every detail before hand? I'm sure it just "happened" for him. I doubt he asked for it.
  10. MrDoctor


    Just about to start the episode. Looks like everyone gonna be left hanging at the end of this one. I like Rhoades, but not over Axe.
  11. MrDoctor

    Lord have Murci

    Love it!
  12. MrDoctor

    Traveling to Vegas...recomendations?

    For a single guy in July, what are the good strip clubs? Where can I get a good private room? Will be there in July .
  13. MrDoctor

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    BIDU looking like a good pickup to me at $240.