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  1. I'm a big fan of the AMG GT. The blue one in the OP looks really nice.
  2. Ferrari doesn't play passive aggressive games, and to do so would acknowledge Chevrolet as an equal.......couldn't have that.
  3. Smash Boy


    Do we know if the Sterrato comes with a hydraulic e-brake? Very important to know!! There's the Jaguar F Type rally car, so Lamborghini wouldn't be the first to do this even in the last year.
  4. Congrats, your SV looks stunning!! Very cool comparison on the Performante. Kinda need both cars if possible to satisfy all Lamborghini related thirsts. Word on the street is that the SV is louder/more raw than the SVJ.....a fascinating thing to hear from someone who has driven both. Best of luck!
  5. Good stuff......I gotta get me a sim. I never fully appreciated how good these things are. But FFS, use a real steering wheel not a controller.....
  6. Islero is probably my favorite of the vintage front engined Lambos. A great value too when put up against other Italian cars of the era.
  7. Now do this race from a roll, and the results would be even more lopsided for the first two finishers.....
  8. After seeing the latest DragTimes Huracan vs. 488 video, I've come to the conclusion that the Huracan is a fast car with an unbelievably blessed package (light weight, AWD, mid-engined, short wheelbase, launch control algorithm). It's probably the best car I've ever seen in that regard because the power/weight ratio is not particularly special, and yet it runs the 1/4 really, really well relative to most other cars. 602hp/413 lb-ft, AWD pushing 3400-3500 lbs is very good, but it's not better than 661 hp/561 lb-ft in a similar weight RWD car (488), or 647 hp/550 lb-ft in another light RWD (Ford GT). Normally drag racers like *longer* wheelbases because it reduces the chance of the front end coming off the ground. But the hardcore draggers typically do it with front engined, RWD muscle cars. The mid-engine AWD car eliminates all of that to the point where the longer wheelbase is a disadvantage (until of course we're talking maybe 1000+ hp or something). The Aventador's longer wheelbase I think hurts it slightly in these close battles with the Huracan. Anyway, Huracan (even Performante) I cannot believe is faster in the real world than the 488 (even the "old" one), 720S, Aventador, Ford GT, F12, 812, and other cars with better power/weight ratios. I know the niche here of DragTimes is drag racing from standstill, but at some point people are going to believe this thing is faster than a 918, P1, ThethetheFerrari, Senna, etc.
  9. Diablo Aventador SV Murcielago LP640 Aventador Huracan Gallardo * - Huracan Performante over regular Aventador ** - Diablo is a bit general...way more diverse than an Aventador, but whatever.
  10. Haha, that would be funny having a new Chevelle. Nothing wrong with rebadging Holdens.....they're solid cars.......but to not market the car is odd as hell. Only reason the Camaro did ok was because it looked like the old one. The Middle East will eventually gobble all of these cars up. Back on topic......somewhat exciting that this new Vette is coming out.....40-45 years in the making!
  11. I never liked the Gallardo lineup visually quite like the Huracan, and I really liked it in its peak. The H is special.
  12. Names are very precious, especially in 'Murica. GTO and SS IMO were lazy marketing efforts by GM.....and while the SS was technically *not* marketed by GM, in both cases those names serve almost to be reverse marketing, if such a thing were possible. G8 and Caprice would not have ruffled feathers, but in the end it might not have mattered. The irony was that the cars were legit in their class. Many years of development down under with Holden and the Australian Supercar racing community. The 5th gen Camaro was based off a Holden chassis as well. SS could be brought back. No name in GM lore is sacred.....Monte Carlo, Impala, were given worse treatment as front wheel drive bores.
  13. Regardless of the language, I prefer to hear the native language with subtitles. You lose something in translation......in twenty years of watching online car videos I've yet to see a video of Balboni speaking Italian. Would love to see it if exists. I agree that Davide is legit. He's better than Chris Harris and most any other car reviewer plus he gets access to some serious machinery that most wouldn't be able to touch. I think he does a better job at connecting with viewers because he's a more hardcore enthusiast and more genuine.
  14. These days there seems to be buyers for just about every car that is out there. I remember when the Z/28 came out several years back around 70ish and people couldn't explain it... I think what would be interesting is to keep the front engined cars with naturally aspirated and supercharged cross plane OHV motors, manual and automatics, while the mid engined variant(s) should be DOHC flat plane crank engines, naturally aspirated and maybe turbocharged with DCT and hopefully a manual as well. The biggest problem you'll find is that the typical car enthusiast is too numbers driven, and GM would be forced to make the mid engined car have more power and better lap times even if it's not necessary for the "feel" of the car. We see it already with the new Ford GT....much criticized because of outright power and lap times not living up to the expectation (price).
  15. I've experienced coffee in Italy made with a Moka recently, and it's legit. It's not something you will typically find in restaurants, bars out there, as it's limited in volume and speed (had it in the house with the family every morning). For individual servings it's optimal, and the taste is very good. Mokas are cheap to buy and not too hard to find in the states. I think you'll like it, B.
  16. Definitely looks like he is. Talk about a longer trip though. Singapore is 18+ hours non-stop from Newark, NJ....~22 hours in flight if you break it up NYC to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Singapore.....so typically 24-25 hours. Emirates can get you from west coast USA to Dubai in about 16-17 hours non stop......~12-13 from NYC. I believe Dubai to Maldives is comparable to Singapore to Maldives....~5 hours.
  17. Really wish the Corvette was offered in both front and mid engined variants, with the mid engine car getting a slightly different name or maybe suffix. Someone here suggested giving Corvette its own brand separate from Chevrolet, which would probably make this all easier. The mid-engine layout is indeed supreme for the exotic class, but a car hailing from muscle car roots should still have some tie to the front engined world. In the world of burnouts and powersliding, mid engine is good but front engine is better. Of course the Camaro could pick up the slack for GM, but it would definitely be the end of an era. Note that the Ford GT has no naming tie to the Mustang, and if Dodge wanted a mid engined supercar it probably wouldn't be called a Viper.
  18. Huracan has been that sweet spot for drag racing from standstill. The shorter wheelbase and lighter weight help a lot here, where traction is aplenty. SVJ was reeling it in on both runs. The V12 is still the proper bullet train powerplant. But it amazes me how fast the Huracan is overall.
  19. Looks like someone is new to the Middle East....hehe. The experiences Allan wrote about are typical of how it is in the GCC. IMHO, only Arabs can be looked at as equals by other Arabs.....westerners tolerated, and the support staff from the east are treated like garbage. I could pass for Arabic and have been spoken to in Arabic in random places in the Middle East probably a dozen times over a two year period, and as soon as I could not communicate to them in their language they immediately stopped talking and turned away, somewhat abruptly. I understand maybe not wanting to speak English, but FFS some decency and respect with maybe a head nod or smile and excusing one's self. Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain were all rather similar in this context. The UAE is the nicest all around of these countries from a visitor's standpoint, so it's pretty funny to see someone trash it hard when it used to be an escape every few months.
  20. Very, very happy at the conclusion of this fundraiser. A proud day in LP history! Enjoy your trip Mark!!
  21. The answer to “Ferrari or Lamborghini?” for most Italian people: Tutti e due
  22. Any action lately? There were certainly more rendering requests than I’ve seen donations so far.
  23. May I ask which airport code Mark will be flying out of? SFO has advantage of being the proper international airport of the three, with SJC being #2, and dunno about MRY. If the flight can go from Europe nonstop to SFO that might work out best. Otherwise if it has to stop on the east coast or Midwest like Chicago or Detroit, then best to go direct to SJC or MRY. I normally fly to SJC to go visit the Valley but from Dubai I flew nonstop to SFO. Having lived in Charleston for a few years, I know how much a PITA flying to small airports can be, even domestic. It’s better now but still not great. Price will dictate and hard to predict which is cheapest.
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