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    Lamborghini Diablo tyres making a choice

    I have R888's on my Gallardo and haven't had any hot or flat spots. They did increase the amount of road noise in the cabin but otherwise no complaints.
  2. The one on the left. I have tried browsing through all the schematics on Lambo-Stuff and couldn't find it. It's for a Pre-LP to Super Trofeo engine bonnet conversion. Thanks!
  3. I got to hang out with Doug for a while at Monterey this year. I'm friends with his "protege" Hoovie from back when I lived in Kansas. Doug was super nice and super down to earth. That said, I enjoy his reviews and Hoovie does a good job on the other end of the serious spectrum.
  4. StoleIt


    Oh awesome! Can't wait to see it. My 04 doesn't have the light in the wing, but for your G you can get the lip spoiler with a spot for the light and wire it into there. No idea if that maintains the backup camera though. On the wiring harness you can plug in a wire to spots 10 and 4/6 and close the loop so you don't get the spoiler motor alert. There is a big thread about it over on another board in the Gallardo section.
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    I went through David at SP Engineering for my STS kit. Even though it was packaged fairly well it still arrived with some cracks in the bonnet. Luckily they replaced it without much drama but it still was a big delay...oh well shit happens. If you got their STS kit and want to know the issues I ran into let me know, don't wanna hijack your thread.
  6. StoleIt

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    Seems like there is resistance for TSLA in the 240's. Will be interesting to see if it crashes through that...otherwise might be an easy ~30% to ride on the way up. I'll be watching it pretty close this next week.
  7. StoleIt

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    Not sure if they will split again (or at least for a long time). Last time was something like a 7:1 split and dropped the price down to just under $100/share. With the price in the low $200s I don't see any reason for them to split again for a while. Also, it's not like they need more cash. Aren't they sitting on like tens of billions of dollars in hard cash?
  8. StoleIt

    Naples Motorsports

    Don't let number of owners worry you. Most of these cars change hands often. People keep them a year or two then upgrade to the next/newest thing. Honestly, I'd say 5 owners is pretty low for an 07. There are plenty of Gallardo's out there with double digit owners.
  9. StoleIt

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    AAPL is first company to hit $1T. I bought after it's last split and currently up 118%.
  10. Sure wont. It might make it sell faster (or much slower) depending on the buyer. I was looking for exhaust/aftermarket nose/rims etc when I was Gallardo shopping because I knew those were all updates I wanted to do anyway. For example: Do you think I'd be able to sell my Gallardo (mods in signature) for $120K? Because I sure don't.
  11. StoleIt

    Took delivery of the 91 Diablo with Gt body

    Good God that is sexy. OEM GT body panels or is someone crazy enough to make aftermarket?
  12. StoleIt

    WTB: Find this guy a GATED GALLARDO 6-SPEED

    I doubt you'll want to pay as much as I'd want to let her go though.
  13. StoleIt

    FREE Automobili Lamborghini polo or sweatshirt

    Got the shirt in! Looks awesome. Thanks a ton Andrew.
  14. StoleIt

    FREE Automobili Lamborghini polo or sweatshirt

    Awesome! So if I'm an American sized Large do I need to to get a XXL?
  15. Try using for hosting. You can also resize your pictures on there...5mb a picture is HUGE.
  16. StoleIt

    Kim Jong Un

    The media (and retards) are eating it up. Those with half a brain realize that Kim Yo-jong and the cheer squad are all a big distraction/farce. I lol'd:
  17. StoleIt

    Turning my 04 G into an STS

    Well, not really. But since I love the look of the STS and I wasn't a fan of the original louvered engine bonnet it seemed like a no-brainer. I purchased the car with a Renown Lp570 bumper and SL skirts already installed so that was just icing on the cake, but the rims were in dire need of upgrade. Out with the old: In with the new: Onto the juicy stuff...I ordered the Super Trofeo Stradale body kit in gloss carbon fiber from RevozPort via David Wong at SP Engineering. I can't say enough nice things about David (to be expanded on later). Delivery day: Lip spoiler: Wing: Bonnet: Ugh oh: Not sure if it got damaged from shipping or who knows but the important part is David was super awesome getting a replacement worked out. Revozport was making me a new one within the week! This is where it gets fun because RevozPort wants the old one to be DESTROYED. I was a little bummed because I was imaging making it into a table or an artistic wall piece at this point, but I understand the company doesn't want me to bondo the damage up, paint it, and have a second functioning bonnet for resale. Trying to work it over: Not very impressive, right? Hammers, MMA, and trying to fold it in half didn't work very well. Alrighty, time to go medieval on this thing! Video: End Result: Replacement showed up today and looks absolutely perfect. Proof: Updates will come as the parts get installed.
  18. StoleIt

    Cool or abomination?

    Completely disagree. I am sooooo happy that this is a replica. It would be such a tragedy if they did that to a real Muira.
  20. StoleIt

    Pshop guys

    If you don't need anything professionally done...I usually get by with my current Photoshop skills.
  21. He was pointing with his left hand and then drew his gun (with his right hand) while he was in the process of getting run over (gun in right hand after the car drives off). That's a completely justified reason to draw your weapon...and also was smart not to start wildly shooting after the guy drives off (which isn't justified).
  22. StoleIt

    Stock Picks - Post Your Stock Picks

    I take it back, nobody gives a shit about the KC-46 being a mess. But airplanes are selling like hot cakes, so much so there is rumor Boeing might restart the old 767 line to help fill gaps. And the 777X is freaking sexy. A321NEO is arguably better than the 737MAX though...and that hurts me to say.