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  1. I believe he was moving his cars two days before the announcement?
  2. I picture windows down and a little "Kickstart My Heart" turned waaaaaaay up!!!! (that's actually the first thing a listened to when the Cuda was finished...lol)
  3. Looks really good so far, can't wait to hear your impression once it's finished.
  4. I think they need to leave the batteries for others to play with. They have already set the mark from an engineering standpoint. Hell, they are the standard. Nuf said.
  5. You can pick up Anti-Insekt and Tarminator both from Autogeek.com. Just throwing that out there. Sounds like a lot of useful info in this thread! I love learning a new trick for keeping everything clean!
  6. That was a poor attempt at humor VBUG, I am in no position to own a Veyron.....nor would I ever act like it was a possibility (would like a chance to ride in one someday). Guessing that's the closest to ownership I'll ever be....lol. In actuality, I don't believe the development of any new car they put out will cause a "price drop" on the Veyron. It's on another level from all of it's compitition IMO.
  7. Finally!!! The Veyron will be affordable once the new model drops.
  8. I'm telling you guys.... please see post #1182 Lebron has spent time on Kentucky's campus the last 3 summers visiting with coach Cal. Cavs already offered Calipari 80MM. I think if LBJ wants him, they'll pay whatever it takes. You know Cavs fans can say whatever, if he decides to go back, they'll welcome him with open arms (be crazy not to). I mean.... He's Lebron!
  9. Cavs got A. Wiggins and they already have K. Irving... adding LBJ to that will start something serious. LBJ and coach Calipari at Kentucky are very close. If he goes to Cavs, whoever they get to coach the team might only last one year. If LBJ wants coach Cal, they'll pay to get him. Should be interesting to see how it all unfolds...
  10. Mastiff. Best dog I've ever had. Congrats on beautiful home.
  11. In for the build man! Looks like it's gonna be A LOT of fun!
  12. Did I hear someone say roulette? I didn't know they had anything else in Vegas.... When is this all happening, or do you have to be a TTG owner to go?
  13. That white is sexy!!! Congrats! Pantera?
  14. That thing is evil looking!!!
  15. My guess is someone likes purple.
  16. I understand completly... I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. Very nice finds!
  17. No doubt! i thought people just went to Tijuana for those kinda shows.......DAMN Wait...Wait... read it wrong, I thought you wrote "Man, that thing is for a beast" Sorry about that.
  18. Aren't they free to do as they wish with their cars once they are paid for?
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