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  1. This was very well done and had a ton of info I didn't know.
  2. and probably a healthy dose of thinking you are smarter than everyone else so no way you will get caught.
  3. Fantastic!!! Great seeing a deviation from the usual Laker's spec, purple and yellow.
  4. If I was a buyer, that is the exact spec 6.0 and SL I would be shopping for. Even in a boring color like silver, that Gallardo is still a good looking car. It has aged very well.
  5. That is impressive, can't wait to hear it. In your last exhaust video it was crazy loud so I can't imagine it now if you say it is louder.
  6. Never would have imagined it would look so good with blue inside and out, phenomenal spec. Congrats!
  7. That is spectacular. Yellow is not a color I like at all, and yet that pic looks incredible. I don't think there will be a bad color on the SVJ.
  8. As much as I love the spec of your HP Spyder, that MB LP640 Roadster is over the top. Congrats!
  9. There is a Pedro Farah listed as EVP and Treasurer for Walmart, no clue if that is his dad or not.
  10. I get what some are saying about wanting the SVJ to be exclusive, but at the same time I am don't get it. If they make 900 SVJ coupes, that is 1 SVJ coupe for every 8.4 million people on this planet. You have to get well into the 7 figures to keep the build count in the 10-20 car range. Even then some of those numbers balloon if you look at some of the special editions where it is basically same hyper car with the only REAL change being extra HP, bigger wings, different wheels, etc...
  11. JK79


    Too cool, love the color. Congrats!
  12. JK79

    New toy

    That color is crazy. Congrats.
  13. That is an epic shot right there.
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