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  1. IanMan

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    I'm making this my new signature.
  2. IanMan

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

    His dad used to be CEO or high up for Footlocker too.
  3. IanMan

    Un-fcuking-believable Bugatti Chiron

    I would be half tempted to buy this over the real one.
  4. IanMan

    Un-fcuking-believable Bugatti Chiron

    It really is, though. It's 90% Lego. Check out this page where they document the build and the 13,000 man hours that went into it. There is a 10 minute video as well. https://www.lego.com/en-us/themes/technic/b.../build-for-real Can't wait to see that, but I have a feeling that it's going to be ugly like the early 2000's concept. Yesssss!!!!
  5. Now, I know what you're thinking. We've all seen the regular Lego full size cars and while quite impressive, they are not nearly as intricate as what is in this video. The Bugatti Chiron in the below video is mostly sculpted from Technic bricks which in themself are quite more difficult to create the shapes and edges you need. The vehicle in the video actually drives and converts power from many Lego electric motors into useable energy. https://www.facebook.com/LEGOTechnic/videos...TE5NDc3NjY5ODY/
  6. IanMan

    Discount Diablos

    Maybe Keith Billanti (KMB) can finally have a Diablo.
  7. IanMan

    Crazy Jumping Car Youtuber

  8. IanMan

    Discount Diablos

    Riiiiiiight. Do you even have any idea what you're talking about? I think Allan did a nice job of summing things up.
  9. IanMan

    Discount Diablos

    That Diablo Roadster has A LOT wrong with it. For starters, the interior was reupholstered and nowhere close to original fashion. If you zoom up on photos, there is a lot of paint work that needs to be fixed-We'll just say the car needs a full repaint. The badge on the front bonnet is chipped and falling apart. There are numerous seals and gaskets that look to be suffering from dry rot. The engine had parts repainted and I'm willing to bet it needs all of the hoses and gaskets replaced. I was also told the car was very high mileage. Others debated as to whether or not yellow is a hard color to sell. I'll estimate modestly what you'd probably have to put into it. $25K for a paint job $20K for a reupholstery to OEM specs. $30K in engine work $15K miscellaneous work, i.e. suspension, brakes, etc. $187,000 after all work gets done.
  10. IanMan

    Clean suede steering wheel. How?

    Is it suede or Alcantara? There are a few companies that make and alcantara cleaner. It's a spray and you have to dab it. Unfortunately, Alcantara gets to a point over time where it cannot be salvaged.
  11. IanMan

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    People should start donating $5 every time they want Lambocars to do a render. I'm wondering how he makes any money with his contributions to our community.
  12. IanMan

    Condensation in headlight

    Search for a thread related to this if you haven't already. I recall a few people referring to this as a common side effect. Remove the glass, clean and polish and reinstall. Good to go.
  13. IanMan


    Congrats, man! Looks the business. Enjoy in good health.
  14. IanMan

    2018 Quail Lodge L Power Meet Up

    Apparently Debbie Foreman didn’t get invited either and she made a pretty long post on Facebook about it as she’s been a loyal customer for years. Did you say.... JUMPING? 😂
  15. IanMan

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    God damn, the exhaust sounds meaner. It sounds like it’s fcuking pissed off.