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  2. Love the car, and the color. Welcome.
  3. The approach kind of put a bug in my head about how some people approach certain cars. At some point, with so many being wrecked will people that really LOVE the brand and cars, take a salvage title vehicle to rebuild back to spec or better in order to save it from the crusher? Regardless of cost or resale value? I've considered something similar. Some cars are too important to let die because of a salvage title. I'd be curious to see if anyone else shares a similar opinion.
  4. I enjoy watching these when I have the time. He makes some points that are interesting to non-owners and enthusiasts. That being said, his thoughts on the quirks (which there are plenty and with definite criticism ) it seems that he is comparing it without the proper context. Things for the brand and technology were far different in 2006 (and prior) than cars circa 2019. Still enjoy his reviews, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a Murcielago.
  5. Interesting to see in the pics the bat doors open, something one rarely if ever see's..
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  7. Maybe not the parts so much as the color balance. Looking at the rear, the amount of darkness with the grill, carbon, and diffuser just looks out of balance. The front spoiler, being carbon and black paint doesn't look good together, in my subjective opinion. A quick few changes or even painting the carbon would appeal for my tastes.
  8. Maybe i am just weird but I like it. I dont see what you guys are talking about the CF not making it look right. And for $320k for a roadster i think it is a solid deal assuming the car itself checks out without a history
  9. Unlikely in the IMSA series. Right now they are GTLM, which contains the likes of the mid-engine Ford GT. Previously they ran the Daytona Prototype in the DPi class, but they killed that effort. It was an awesome platform to hear and watch at the races.
  10. I love Verde Scandal, but damn this is one hard car to love. Those parts just don't it any favors. I suspect someone was trying to pull a sneaky and get some extra money for it not being a true anniversary car.
  11. Beautiful! I love shooting clay, haven't done it in a long while. Hoping to get back into things. You going to snag this one? Has snyone built an AR pistol or SBR? Considering doing an MK18 clone. Love the short barrel and compatibility.
  12. I'm sure there is no shortage of attention when you two pull up. Looks awesome!
  13. Such a gorgeous car. Glad to see you enjoying it. The Murcielago will always have a special place in my heart. Love it. It's so easy to forget how small they actually are when you don't see them that often.
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  15. Third in the series of shoot 'em ups, JW 3 is John on the run. All the films are a continuous story, there is no time off between films, this one is no different. So from his wife croaking to this film is pretty quick, which is a WTF moment later. Cliffs: -Are we in NY or Blade Runner's rainy-LA? -Horses kick! -Eyeballs pop! -Wick-boy assembles a pistol, Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez style. -NY Triad seeks new recruits: Due to recent cutlery incident, we need new members. -Well, for some reason, dogs hold some special place in the hearts of the film makers. -Halley Berry and her dogs are in Morocco for some useless reason. -Casa Blanca: population 928374918234^3 -Pay top dollar for your dog trainer, you get what you pay for. -Chopper, sick balls! -Casa Blanca, population: Halley Berry and two dogs -Taylor from Billions makes an appearance at a sushi bar and gets the chef to turn take "chopped" on the road -Taylor to everyone: "you got 7 days to clean out your desk" -John-boy goes for a desert stroll in a kevlar, black suit. -Forget your wife, I mean she's been dead for like a week, that's an eternity -Know what will cheer you up? Killing your BFF -Always keep your woodworking tools sharp. -Homeless problem reduced through Taylor's outreach program -John goes back to NY and fights Brooklyn ninjas before checking in to the hotel without a reservation -The bad guys travel in luxury buses with big logos on them. -Nobody gets what they want, prepare for an all-dog cast of John Wick 4
  16. I had and have newer Lambos but I still love driving the lp640 something about this platform.
  17. Does anyone know if the center "Rain Light" on the diffuser is an active LED light or just a refleks? If it is a real light how do you switch it on/off - or is it triggered by something?
  18. PittBull, welcome to LP and the local Lambo family. The green machine is incredible. Huge congrats. 2008 Orange Superleggera
  19. http://www.weatherby.com/orion-sporting.html Found a new gun I want. Friend was in Scheels looking at guns. I told him my opinion and then looked at guns for me. I came across this one. Seems like a great sporting clay gun, which is my main shooting. Has a lot of the feature my dad's 3500 gun has. It was close to a impulse buy. But I held off. Its still tempting.
  20. I knew it... this car was reported CF from the factory but in fact other (including a reliable source) said it want not. At any rate, here is the video I recorded of it in Chicago at Gold Coast in 2015. Note again, its was not a anniversario if I recall.
  21. I am thinking this was a non-anniversary car that had the anniversary parts put on it that were "anniversario" and "one-of." If I recall, this car was in Chicago for a while. Can't remember if that was coupe or roadster though. I have to check..
  22. BRC is good stuff. My absolute favorite is Intelligentsia though.
  23. There was talk about the Corvette having to move up in whatever series they race. Makes sense.
  24. Pretty sweet! Anyone want to see what us poor people live in? Just kidding Im not showing my house.
  25. Be kinda cool. Pull up to people and smoke new exotics.
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