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  2. Wow - what a blast from the past! First time logging onto the site in a long while, saw this thread and had to post. Lambo Power was an AWESOME forum for owners and enthusiasts back in the day. Back when exotics were much more rare and the owner community was a lot smaller. It really was a different era. I met a lot of great people on this board and through the meet ups. Offline friends, business connections, SP did a bunch of work for me too. This community was great, drama and all. So many memories. Epic threads and discussions. Thank you for this space Alan and co! Best wishes to everyone, hope y’all are well and thriving. Cheers mates!
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  4. Just visited the site for the first time and quite a while. Last I tried, it was shut down. I have to say I am a little stunned by how quiet it is. This used to be The Place for Lamborghini discussion. I actually came here because the other site has been turning into a bit of a ghost town. It was car week in Monterey last week and not one person posted about it there. Thought I would try coming here to see how the show was. I don't know the why of it, but most forums seem to be quieter, and have far fewer active members. The broad general sites seem okay, but I am not interested in those. Gotten hard to find the die hard Lamborghini fans and owners to help you with your Lamborghini needs.
  5. Lamborghini Fans: MVP Track Time would like to invite you to our 6th annual [color=red][B][I] “OH HI OH”[/I][/B][/color] September 29 – October 1, 2023 at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. I hope you’ll join us for the on-track fun. MVP’s goal remains the same since we began in 2006, offering you more actual track time at each event with value added entry fees. Our run group format of Novice, Intermediate and Advanced offers you maximum driving time (2 hours of scheduled daily track time) instead of standing around the paddock. [b]September 29 – October 1, 2023: Mid-Ohio (Lexington, OH) – 6th Annual [color=red][I]”OH HI OH”[/I][/color][/b] Registration for MVP Track Time’s event at Mid-Ohio is available on-line with Pay Pal (you can use any major credit card through the Pay Pal system) at the link below: On-Line Registration: http://www.mvptracktime.com/id92.html Please feel free to join us at Mid-Ohio in 2023 for the on-track fun. All courteous, considerate, safe drivers are invited and welcome. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions. I hope to see you at Mid-Ohio. Happy Motoring! Mark Pfeffer – MVP Track Time Phone: (314)249-3770
  6. I'm interested in the Lamborghini Diablo SVR. As much as i can find about these cars is that there were about 32 of them produced for an exclusive European race series. The car itself was a Daiblo shell with uprated brakes, tranny (close ratio?), head light delete, integrated roll cage, bigger brakes and free breathing motor that produced about 550 hp. They are rare especially when compared to any of the Ferrari Challenge cars which seem to have been made in the hundreds for each series from the 348 to the current 488. So what are they worth? Are they going to to be a collector item or just an old race car? I believe there are a couple running around on the streets in the US now but considering their rarity I don't think there are more than 3 or 4 in the states. Any thoughts?
  7. Doesn't move the needle for me at all. Derivative of the recent concepts and limited production cars. Should have built the Terzo. I wouldn't touch a Lamborghini before they get their first update and have worked out most of their kinks. Looks like what they did with the Diablo and the Murci. Basically the same chassis, new body.
  8. Here's my observation. Exotics are not exotic, nor special anymore. It's no longer "our thing". These forums started when you had to be somebody to get an allocation. Today the cars are pumped out in large volumes with attractive lease terms to anybody with a few hundred thousand followers on social media. Social media has basically made exotics "common" and now seeing one is not as rare. Lambo sold more cars than ever last year... Is that good or bad?
  9. It's amazing how much more expensive car is when it doesn't come with a windshield,
  10. I used to spend all kinds of time on here when I was in college, but it's almost 15 years ago that I graduated now (wait that can't be right...) - I had several forums that I spent regular time on. It 100% feels like a different world these days - almost seems like modern social media kinda killed the community aspect of a lot of the internet in an odd way. In my heyday of using this site, I think MySpace was my main social media, lol.
  11. For Sale $495.00 New Style gated shifter Plate for 1993-1999 Diablo. Replace your old outdated gated shifter with a new one. !!!!! your old gated shifter plate to a New - Lamborghini Diablo Gated shifter plate. The old Diablo OEM gated shifter is plain and looks dated - the new polished aluminum gated shifter fits Diablo from 1991 to 1999 include as pictured (numbers for shift pattern) on the gated plate.
  12. From this point on Lamborghini means nothing to me, it is no longer in my radar. EV is cancer.
  13. I’d love to know where lambwhoreghini ended up
  14. I can't stand her videos....
  15. Can't believe it's been 8 years! Wow did the world change and then some.
  16. rmtn

    Feeling behind.

    I turned 40, feeling I lost too much time in every turn and I was lost so long. So many of my friends have or have had exotics, but I am so far removed from that. At least I am internet friends with Ian so there is that.
  17. Hello, just a quick question, does anyone have a list of the 'pre configured' specs for the new Revuelto? Would be interesting to see what the factory decides to bundle up as a preset configuration, I've heard the purple one is the highest, most expensive preset available? Mark
  18. I received an "on order" update on Unica yesterday...
  19. 1 Trillion buckaroos as of today. I think this is officially a 100-bagger since this conversation began.
  20. Yeeeepp ... Ten years of waiting to experience this. And now its cancelled. That really sucks! I know a lot of cars have already landed in Italy so it will be a massive headache for the owners. I wonder if Lambo will pay back the cost of transport or JUST the entry fee ...? Maybe they can bunch up the Polo Storico Event in September with this one and make it more like 50th was? Any way its very sad and I am stuck with booked tickets and hotels and all that. So I am leaving for Bologna in a few hours time.
  21. Well, it looks like Automobili Lamborghini had decided to cancel the 60th Giro citing the flooding disaster in Italy!
  22. For a car that was initially supposed to be all preconfigured, ive seen a lot of spy shots in some wild colors that I wouldnt think to be preconfig colors, like the gold color from the 01 Diablo SE. And that blue color that is almost like the old Mustang Cobra Mystic Purple that changes colors.
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