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  1. FastAlex

    Credit score question...

    Had this happen with a BULLSHIT clothing store credit card over a $7 when I moved when I was 22. Never got the letters. 30 days late for first time ever. I called them EVERYDAY for 4 weeks, 2x or 3x per day. Talking to different people, asking the same thing each time and asking for a one-time forgiveness. Asked for managers. Etc. A manager finally told me to type up a letter stating my case and gave me an address to fax it to for my appeal (faxing was an ancient tech for 2012 at the time). I did as she said and *COMENITY bank (the lender) removed the derogatory remarks. Like it never happened. Drink some caffeine and start POUNDING THAT PHONE man! Be the squeaky (annoying as fcuk!) wheel
  2. FastAlex

    Breitling: Revamped!

    The brand has a new CEO (Georges Kern, former IWC CEO) as of July 2017. I think they are crushing it this year. Love their new designs (the Superocean in particular). I just got one for myself as a milestone reward. Have gotten comments everywhere I go! Superocean Heritage II, 44mm, Red Gold Breitling has historically been a niche player, but the new CEO is opening it up to the "80% of the market they were missing". I think they will do well. I also like one of the new Navitimer watches w/ white face that I saw (with a Horus Camo strap). Just thought I'd let you guys know, in case you haven't checked them out lately!
  3. FastAlex

    Lambo Marketing do it right

    Saw this one on Instagram and loved it! Thanks for posting
  4. FastAlex

    Lambo Power is Going Social!

    Woohoo! Just followed on IG. I am @Lambo_Jesus on there =)
  5. FastAlex

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    Damn!! Both those cars look so damn good. Agree with @Destructo - the LP670SV and ASVJ both just look sooooo damn perfect in white!
  6. FastAlex

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope it was a good one and that everyone got plenty of seat time in their V10 or V12 on the way to spend time with loved ones
  7. FastAlex

    Manual Transmission Swap?

    Wish we could know for sure! (Like a video of the car operating as manual before it was Frankenstein modded beyond repair.)
  8. FastAlex

    Manual Transmission Swap?

    Bringing an interesting thread back from the dead for the holiday season! To date, I still don't believe anyone has successfully converted an EGEAR LP640 to Manual. JonV8944S and OzMurc - any updates here? Any success with the process? @OzMurc , were you able to put everything together and "see what lights" came up on the dash when your car was started? Did you end up finding an ECU and GFU to use?
  9. FastAlex

    Bring the old site back

    I agree with the crew on this one too
  10. FastAlex

    Bring the old site back

    @fmari I don't think it's necessarily the new website. Being down for a bit definitely hurt the user base... but I think there is a slight "changing of the guard" in both online media and exotics right now that could be contributing to what you're describing (and they are intertwined). Social Media Changing of the Guard Social media is killing forums. Forums have become relegated to be places for deep technical information (only) and to catch up with old car buddies (for the older guys, no offense). Everyone else simply stays in touch on social media, DMing on Instagram, Facebook groups, YouTube, etc.. Exotics Changing of the Guard In the LP prime/golden days (think, 2006, 2007, 2008 pre-crisis)... your top Exotic Marquees were Lamborghini, Ferrari annnndddd... Bentley? That was about it. Nowadays there are sooo many more exotic options, and brands playing "above the rim" to compete with the exotics. Biggest one being: McLaren. Followed by Porsche (which has always been there... but is REALLY stepping up. And with how the GT3RS and GT3 + GT2RS have captured young hearts and minds, is a bigger fish today in the post-social media world). Aston Martin has crept back into favor, and is making better cars in partnership with Mercedes. Mercedes is making special AMG cars en-masse (SLS, AMG GT and GTR), etc. etc. So we went from: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley To: Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Singer, AUDI (R8) and more What does it all mean? There are less people coming to forums, and more forums + brands competing for their time. We just need to spread the word to the "old guard" user-base here and get their asses back in the chair posting!!
  11. Wow, the video embed size on the new forum looks awesome! Thanks for the tip for future posts And thank you for the kind words =). I'm loving it too - and it's about 10x louder in person haha. Yes, I talked to Brandon (owner of B-Rogue) last week when I had my oil changed and he is building & installing an Aventador system for a customer as soon as cold weather hits. Can't wait for the videos! He is also doing downpipes + tune for a 675LT and TT'ing 2 more Huracans in the coming couple months. Should be some great content coming from those guys!
  12. New Flyby and Flames video up on YouTube
  13. FastAlex

    — Site Announcement — A Familiar Look is Back!

    Haha! You bet. Least I can do for the board
  14. FastAlex

    — Site Announcement — A Familiar Look is Back!

    You bet! 1 more for you: Hyperlink text in the body of forum posts also matches the background. For example... (I am posting an eBay link below):