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  1. Hey there! I heard rumor of a fun thread ( that's been missing for a looooong time) so I decided to make a rare appearance. Hope all is well with you and hubby
  2. Where's a facepalm when you need one.......
  3. Jpegs13


    Don't move it ( if the mods will let you keep it here) more exposure in General
  4. Jpegs13

    After-market wheels

    Ditto and ditto. GFG is shit
  5. Shoes, carpet, table legs just about anything they can get their mouth on....... j/k Blue Buffalo
  6. Dino, congrats on this one and congrats on the future car. Enjoy in good health
  7. Don't hate, Fieros need love too
  8. And this happened....... https://www.fbi.gov/sacramento/press-releas...ified-materials
  9. Oh for fucks sake.....
  10. Mike, I think I found a guy that can help you out...... http://www.lambopower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=79006 Sorry, I had to
  11. Jpegs13


    France will leave soon as will Poland. Spain can't afford to leave. Putin is licking his chops
  12. Jpegs13


    France's economy now worth more than the UK.........
  13. Says the guy that ordered a Viper....
  14. If its a pearl paint, forget about trying to touch it up. Otherwise try Dr. Colorchip
  15. The Boston bombers were on the FBI "radar". The San Bernardino shooter was on the FBI watch list. This guy was on the FBI "radar". Somebody please explain to me why something isn't done to these suspected terrorists before they have a chance to commit the acts of terrorism.
  16. What kind of person does this PERIOD. Answer, a crazy one.
  17. You could get away with 2. You wear one and wife wears one. BUT.... if you don't mail the boxes ahead you could be liable for the tax AND penalties.
  18. It doesn't get much better than this. You piss on everybody's shoes then ask for "help and ideas"
  19. This is usually a cool show. Lots of equipment and you can walk around and see the stuff up close. http://airshow.jonesbeach.com/
  20. I give him 3-4 days max. He just can't help himself
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