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  1. Talk about standing behind your product.
  2. Just picked this up the other week. Trigger is unbelievable. Incredibly flat shooting.
  3. SCL_Blackbird

    SV x 2

    Car looks stunning. Congrats!
  4. Putting those kinds of wheels on any car made after 2000 is an automotive sin.
  5. Great spec. Saw an RS down in Omaha a month ago and the thing has presence. Congrats!
  6. So long as Bradford can stay healthy (knocks on wood) I see them as the top. Their run game is arguably better now with AP out and that defense is fast and young. I still think the Cardinals are the benchmark for the NFC. If Palmer does what he did last year and stays healthy they are a legit SB contender.
  7. Hello new wallpaper. Your car looks absolutely stunning.
  8. Best kit i've seen for the Huracan. Looks like what I'd picture an SL to be like.
  9. Take a look at the HK VP9 or Walther PPQ. They're two of the best striker fired handguns on the market.
  10. And how is a 1911 cocked and locked any more dangerous than a loaded striker fired pistol? It just has an external hammer rather than an internal one. Any non gun person picking up a modern striker fired handgun instead is just as likely to have an UD. You could make the argument the 1911 is one of the "safest" pistols due to it's 2 external safeties
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