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    How do you own that and not drive (listen) to it?
  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  3. My god! Shit just got real in here! It would be Veneno for me...
  4. Reminds me of the move "The Wraith". If you haven't seen it, look it up.
  5. God I hope I don't have this much trouble buying my Lambo.........MF!
  6. NEVER drink and get behind the wheel of any vehicle. PERIOD! :icon_thumleft:
  7. What's that say about the chrome wrapped Veyron owners? (personally, I would drive any Veyron...regardless of the color)
  8. Sadly......that's the only way I could afford one. Lol
  9. Just finished reading all 8 pages..... Looks to me like the driver in the bug must have been eating lunch went the "race" started. Think they should link up again and give it another go!
  10. Tanqueary & Tonic. Never even a slight headache the day after.
  11. Damn Rob, quit waving at neighbors/breaking up marriages and shit! Lol...... Kidding man, but WTF is wrong with people.
  12. My thought on this sort of thing is... If you can't trust your partner to be anywhere with anyone at anytime regardless of the situation.... GTFO now because all you are doing is wasting each other's time. Life is to short. just my .02
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